LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon

LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon: Internet Information Center [email to LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon]
The Second Occasional LoneStarCon Science Fiction Convention and Chili Cook-off, Variously known as the 55th World Science Fiction Convention and LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon, To be held from August 28th through September 1st, in the year 1997, in San Antonio, Texas.

LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon Membership List: W

This is the LoneStarCon 2 membership list. This version is current as of August 10th, 1997. If your name is not on this list and it should be, or if the membership class is incorrect, or your name is misspelled, please e-mail us at alamowebmaster@alamo-sf.org or send a fax to us at 512-472-4290 and we'll investigate.


A01875 	Wadding, Carmela
A01879 	Wadding, Donald
A01876 	Wadding, Keith
A01880 	Wadding, Ramona
A01859 	Wadding, Steven
A02089 	Wade, Susan
A03237 	Wagner, David
A01388 	Waldman, Jacob M.
A03802 	Waldrop, P. J.
A02098 	Walker, Carl
A01389 	Walker, Gail A.
A01390 	Walker, Sage
A03657 	Wall, Derek
A03661 	Wall, Raj
S01707 	Wallner, Martin L.
A02769 	Walotsky, Gail
A02768 	Walotsky, Ron
A01391 	Walsh, Michael J.
A01500 	Walsh, Michael R.
A02161 	Walter, Diana
A02921 	Walton, James
A02860 	Waner, Angela
A04105 	Want, Bob
A02866 	Wappel, James
A01392 	Ward, Anthony D.
A01393 	Ward, Charles Douglas
A03603 	Ward, Chris
A01394 	Ward, Dalroy M.
A01395 	Ward, Jacqueline M
A00020 	Ward, Judith
A01640 	Ward, Lynn
A01925 	Ward, Marsha Lee
A01396 	Ward, Michael J.
A04118 	Ward, Monalisa
C02722 	Ward, Samuel
A04211 	Warner, James
A02758 	Warner, Mike
A02699 	Warren, Dean
A01927 	Warren, Kenneth
A01397 	Warren, Victoria
A01852 	Warrington, Carol S.
A01851 	Warrington, Kenneth W.
S00064 	Washek, Jim
A02596 	Waters, Elisabeth
S03485 	Watkins, Geoffrey
A03747 	Watson, Adam N.
A02090 	Watson, David R.
A01611 	Watson, Sherry (Sherlock)
S01582 	Watters-McCaffrey, Cara
A03269 	Watts, Cindy
A03270 	Watts, Greg
A01398 	Wauford, Melissa
A04018 	Waxel, John
A01577 	Wayne, Bob
A01578 	Wayne, Bob, Guest of
A02305 	Weasner, Michael
S02901 	Weaver, J.
A01905 	Webb, Don
A01904 	Webb, Rosemary
A04208 	Webber, Robert
A01769 	Weber, Elizabeth
A02555 	Weber, Eric
A01399 	Wedell, David
A03250 	Weick, Jeanne
A01400 	Weidner, Charles
F02394 	Weidner, Charles, Guest of
A01401 	Weidner, Steven
S01402 	Weil, David
S04004 	Weiler, Peter
A01403 	Wein, Len
A03455 	Weinberg, Robert
A01404 	Weiner, David
A02666 	Weiner, Toni
A03800 	Weis, Margaret
A03018 	Weisman, Jacob
A02146 	Weiss, Gail
C04134 	Weiss, Josh
A04219 	Weiss, Karen
A01955 	Weissinger, Bob
S01405 	Weissinger, Robert
A01954 	Weissinger, Sunshine
A01406 	Weisskopf, Toni
A03110 	Weist, Jerry
A02319 	Welch, Donald P
A01407 	Welch, Henry L.
A01408 	Welch, Letha
A02062 	Welch, Lisa M.
A02800 	Welham, Mike
A01498 	Weller, W. A.
A02854 	Welling, David A.
A01853 	Wellinghurst, Lois
A01854 	Wellinghurst, Richard
S01412 	Wells, Fletcher E.
A01409 	Wells, Martha
A01410 	Wells, Patty
A01411 	Wells, Roger
A04212 	Wells, Tom
A01889 	Wenner, Valerie
A01413 	Wenshe, Amy
A01414 	Wenshe, Leonard
A01415 	Wentworth, K. D.
A01416 	Wesley, James T.
A01417 	Wessing, Erik
S04331 	West, Amy
A03554 	West, Joel
S02397 	West, Robert
A01930 	Weston, Eileen
A01931 	Weston, Peter
A01418 	Wexelblat, Alan
A01419 	Wexford, Marye Lynn
S01420 	Whalen, James L.
A02964 	Wheat, Philip
A03259 	Wheeler, Andrew C
F02393 	Wheeler, Dalia
A03132 	Wheeler, Steven
A01421 	Wheeler, Susan
A02750 	Wheeler, Wendy
A03977 	White, Greg
A01423 	White, Laurine
A02830 	White, Philip M
A01424 	White, Phyllis
A02732 	White, Sue
A02733 	White, Sue, Guest of
A02559 	White, Teri
A01890 	White, Thomas
A02971 	White, Victoria (Victory)
A04132 	White, William
A01422 	White Simons, Kay
A03161 	Whitebird, L Scott
A03501 	Whitechurch, Debbie
A03502 	Whitechurch, Ed
A02835 	Whiteside, Lee
S04309 	Whiteside, Lee, Guest of
A04088 	Whitham, Karen
A01425 	Whitley, Eva
A01965 	Whitlock, Mary
A01426 	Whitman, Marc
A01427 	Whitmore, Tom
A04194 	Whitten, Holly
A03527 	Whittington, Mark
A03336 	Whittmeyer, Ben
A01915 	Whitworth, Kevin
A03916 	Whitworth, Linda
A03917 	Whitworth, Linda, Guest of
A03918 	Whitworth, Linda, Guest of
A01945 	Whysall, Kim
A01428 	Wickham, Malinda J.
A01429 	Widmer, John
A02304 	Widner, Arthur L
A01949 	Wiener, Robert
A01950 	Wiener, Robert, Guest of
A02556 	Wierda, Clark B.
A01673 	Wiesner, Gayle
A01998 	Wightman, Colin
A01430 	Wilbanks, Caran
A04047 	Wilber, Rick
A01504 	Wilcoxen, Jason
A01505 	Wilcoxen, Joseph K.
S01431 	Wiley, Charles L.
S01432 	Wiley, Lucy
A01433 	Wilford, David Allen
A02982 	Wilkerson, Glen
A03707 	Wilkins, Allen C.
A03434 	Will, David A.
A04148 	Will, Lisa M
A03433 	Will, Mona V.
S01434 	Willbrand, Marie
S02565 	Willett, Janet
S02566 	Willett, Kathy
S02561 	Willett, Michelle
S02564 	Willett, Paul
S02563 	Willett, Steven
A01435 	Willey, Allen
A03616 	Williams, Bobbie
A01436 	Williams, C. S.
A02557 	Williams, Charlotte
S01437 	Williams, David
A03632 	Williams, David
A01713 	Williams, Edith T.
A02373 	Williams, Jacqueline B
A02374 	Williams, Jacqueline B, Guest of
A02558 	Williams, James
A03631 	Williams, Janice
A04239 	Williams, June
S04025 	Williams, Kim
A01438 	Williams, Perry M.
A01439 	Williams, Rondinella M.
A03291 	Williams, Russ
A03256 	Williams, Shelia
A01440 	Williams, Susan L.
A01674 	Williams, Walter Jon
A02987 	Williamson, Jack
A01441 	Willis, Connie
A01442 	Willis, John F.
A01443 	Willmoth, Mike
S04328 	Wilper, Holly
A01444 	Wilson, Edward Buchan
S01445 	Wilson, Jennifer
A01798 	Wilson, Joan
A02571 	Wilson, Karen
A01797 	Wilson, Laura
S02302 	Wilson, Marie Ellen
A03364 	Wilson, Rebecca
S02303 	Wilson, Thomas
A01446 	Wilson, Troyce
S03557 	Wilson-McGath, Angela
S02036 	Wingeier, Alan E.
S02039 	Wingeier, Cathy
S03549 	Winkler, Geraldine
A04150 	Winnig, Clifford
A02986 	Winston, Susan Shell
A03772 	Winter, Alan
A03774 	Winter, George
A03773 	Winter, Mary
A04129 	Wirfel, Karsten
A01447 	Wixon, David W.
A02021 	Wiz, Chris
A02020 	Wiz, Marc
A01448 	Woehrle, Sally
A00310 	Wojtowicz, Hania
A01449 	Wolansky, Taras
A01652 	Wolczuk, Vic
A01830 	Woldow, Catherine
A01450 	Wolf, Joyce
A01451 	Wolf, Katherine
A00065 	Wolf, Lori L.
A01452 	Wolfe, Gene
S02569 	Wolfe, Michele A. Kerr
A01453 	Wolfe, Rosemary
A02333 	Wolff, Jeremiah
A02334 	Wolff, Michael
A01454 	Wolfman, Noel
A03302 	Wolheim, Elizabeth
A01455 	Wolkoff, Lew
A01456 	Wolkoff, Rose Anne
A02570 	Wong, Andrew
A01530 	Wong, Kent
S04274 	Wood, Bruce T
A03953 	Wood, Crystal
A03014 	Wood, Eleanor
A03954 	Wood, George W
A02572 	Wood, Malcolm B.
A01457 	Woodings, Lisa
A04019 	Woodring, Ruth
S01458 	Woodruff, Leann
A04078 	Woodrum, Glenda
S03472 	Woods, Allen
S03471 	Woods, Larry
A01715 	Woolsey, Mark L.
A01459 	Wooster, Martin Morse
A04037 	Wooten, Donna
A01690 	Worthington, Barbara C.
A01691 	Worthington, Neil D.
A01460 	Wright, Deborah A.
A04042 	Wright, Debra A
A04046 	Wright, Donald W
A04198 	Wright, Ken
A03177 	Wright, Linda R
A04197 	Wright, Marilyn
A00066 	Wright, Richard
S01461 	Wright, Wesley
A03122 	Wright-Crain, Suzanne
A01663 	Wu, William G.
S00969 	Wurst, Karl
I02332 	Wurst, Nicholas
H02391 	Wurts, Janny
A01836 	Wyatt, Linda
A02364 	Wyatt, Marianne
A02034 	Wysocki, Michael

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