LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon

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The Second Occasional LoneStarCon Science Fiction Convention and Chili Cook-off, Variously known as the 55th World Science Fiction Convention and LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon, To be held from August 28th through September 1st, in the year 1997, in San Antonio, Texas.

LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon Membership List: L

This is the LoneStarCon 2 membership list. This version is current as of August 10th, 1997. If your name is not on this list and it should be, or if the membership class is incorrect, or your name is misspelled, please e-mail us at alamowebmaster@alamo-sf.org or send a fax to us at 512-472-4290 and we'll investigate.


A03722 	La Rock, Nancy J.
A01809 	La Valley, Nancy
A01835 	La Valley, Nancy, Guest of
A04285 	Labick, David
A00756 	Labonville, Suzanne N.
S00757 	Lacey, James
A00254 	LaChute, Terry B.
A02352 	Lacquement, Julia
A00758 	Laczko, Valerie
A02277 	Ladue, Ruth Anne
A02675 	Lake, Jay
A00759 	Lake, Lissanne
A00760 	Lake, Virginia
A04210 	Laljer, James
S02639 	Lamb, Jean
A03143 	Lambert, Marcia
A02770 	Lammert, Steven Kirk
A03656 	Lancaster, Don
A03655 	Lancaster, Mandy
A00761 	Lancaster, Richard
A00762 	Landan, Joshua
A00763 	Landan, Stephen
A00764 	Landan, Stephen, Guest of
A00765 	Landis, Jim
A02888 	Landis, Kate
A03700 	Landry, Bridget
A01489 	Landry, Paul
A02389 	Landwehr, Douglas
A02480 	Lane, Charles
A00766 	Lane, Timothy
S02677 	Lang, D Thomas
A04251 	Lang, Eleanor
S02676 	Lang, Thresa
A03117 	Lange, Bernice
A03118 	Lange, John
A01944 	Langford, John
A01943 	Langford, Laura
A01770 	Langley, Richard H.
A00767 	Langsam, Devra
A03713 	Langston, Brian
C04257 	Lansdale, Casey
A04259 	Lansdale, Joe
A04258 	Lansdale, Karen
C04256 	Lansdale, Keith
A00769 	Largent, Anthony
A03804 	Larsen, David
A03034 	Larsen-Ruffin, Bill
A03035 	Larsen-Ruffin, Lynn
A00770 	Larson, Aaron B.
A02846 	Larson, John
A00771 	Larson, Ron
A00772 	Larue, Candace
A00773 	Larue, Stephen
S02476 	Lask, Diane
S00774 	Laska, Alan David
A02038 	Laska, Alan David
A00775 	Laskowski, George (Lan)
A00776 	Lasley, Stephanie
A03036 	Lasswell, Patrick S
A03861 	Laszlo, Ivan
A01658 	Latner, Alexis Glynn
A02244 	Lauderdale, Kate
A02256 	Lauderdale, Kevin
A02254 	Lauderdale, Rosalind
A02255 	Lauderdale, Stuart
A02478 	Laundry, Karl
A02479 	Laundry, Kathy
A02681 	Laurich, Elizabeth
A02043 	Lawford, Patrick
S00777 	Lawrence, Daniel
A00778 	Lawrence, Matt
A00779 	Lawrence, Richard
A00780 	Lawrence, Victoria
A00781 	Lay, Toni
A04053 	Layne, Douglas
A00782 	Layton, Alexis
A00783 	Lazar, Judy
S00784 	Lazzaro, Cynthia
S00785 	Lazzaro, Joseph
A00786 	Leavell, Jane
S00787 	Leavy-Watts, Elizabeth
S00788 	Leavy-Watts, Michael
S02475 	Lebowitz, Steven
S04031 	Ledbetter, Thomas
A01697 	Ledet, Joy Marie
A03629 	Ledford, John
A01912 	Lee, April
A03088 	Lee, Denise
A03508 	Lee, Ivan
A03181 	Lee, Jan Marie
A01757 	Lee, Margie
A03257 	Lee, Tina
A00789 	Leeper, Evelyn
A00790 	Leeper, Mark
A03488 	Leib, Joan
A02908 	Leibig, Ruth
A00791 	Leibowitz, Hope
A02934 	Leifheit, Sharon
A00942 	Leininger, William H.
A00272 	Leith, Rena
S00792 	Lenkman-Corwin, Sheila
A00793 	Leong, Herbert
S00794 	Leonid, Kourits
A00795 	LePine, Ray
A00796 	Lerner, Fred
A00797 	Lessinger, Margie
A03303 	Letson, Russell
A02372 	Lettermanu, Heather
A02210 	LeVack, Brian
A01773 	Levigne, Michelle
A01684 	Levin, Mark
A00798 	Levin, Rebecca
A02752 	Levine, David
A03371 	Levine, Jaime
A00799 	Levine, Rennie
S03844 	Levinson, Paul
A04247 	Levis, Christine
S03000 	Levy, Sandra
A00800 	Lewis, Alice
A00801 	Lewis, Anthony
S03720 	Lewis, Jeff
A03591 	Lewis, Nadine
S00802 	Lewis, Page
A00803 	Lewis, Suford
A03592 	Lewis, Vince
A00804 	Lichtenberg, Jacqueline
A00805 	Lichtenberg, Salomon
A03372 	Liddle, Robert
A02145 	Lidral, Bob
A00806 	Lieberman, Danny
S00807 	Lieberman, Paula
A00808 	Lien, Anton
A02621 	Lieven, Andre
S01462 	Lieven, Robin
A01633 	Lightsey, Floyd
A01634 	Lightsey, Mirtha
A00810 	Lillian, Guy
A01647 	Liltz, Frank V.
A03142 	Lin, Camila
A02815 	Lind, Brian
S00811 	Lindow, Ellen
S00812 	Lindow, Michael
A00813 	Lindsay, Tamar
A00814 	Linneman, Mark
A03887 	Lipsinsky, Jennifer
A02474 	Lister, Mark
S02278 	Litt, Elan Jane
A02129 	Livings, guest 1
A02130 	Livings, guest 2
A02131 	Livings, guest 3
A03871 	Lloyd, Justin
A03521 	LoBrutto, Pat
A03493 	Lock, Julie
A03492 	Lock, Paul
A02882 	Lockridge, Jeff
A02883 	Lockridge, Jeff, Guest of
A03474 	Lockwood, Todd
A00815 	Loehr, Alan
A00816 	Loftis, Janet
A02731 	Logan, Myrna
A00817 	Logue, Kathei
A00818 	Lonehawk, Brendan
A00819 	Lonehawk, Patricia
A03316 	Loney, Mark
A03796 	Long, Donna
A03795 	Long, Eric
S02153 	Long, Judith
A03753 	Long, Karawynn
S00820 	Look, Steve
A01980 	Loomis, Ann
A01978 	Loomis, Austin
A01979 	Loomis, Burr
A00821 	Loomis, Nancy
A01952 	Loomis, Rip
A01485 	Lopata, Steven
A01587 	Loper, Karen
S02477 	Lopez, Edward
A01738 	Lopez, James
A04063 	Lore, Valery
A00822 	Lorentz, John
A00823 	Lorrah, Jean
A02473 	Lotz, Annette
A04076 	Loubet, Beth
A03293 	Loubet, Denis
C03539 	Louden, Michael
A01625 	Louie, Daniel
A00824 	Louie, Gary
A02628 	Louviere, E M
A03451 	Louviere, J. V.
A02629 	Louviere, S A
S04044 	Love, Bill
S04043 	Love, Gayle Dienberg
A01529 	Love, J. Spencer
A00825 	Low, Danny
A03697 	Lowden, Lefford
A04103 	Lowe, Vincent
A02757 	Lowman, Richard
S00826 	Lowsley, John
A02138 	Lu, Sharon
A02314 	Lubell, Sam
S03643 	Lucas, Kent
S00827 	Lucyshyn, P. Alex
A02692 	Ludwig, Gaye
C03867 	Ludwig, Michaela
A03168 	Luhr, Christopher
A02386 	Luke, Tim
A00828 	Lund, William R.
A01524 	Luner, David
A00829 	Lunquist, Tracy
A00830 	Lurie, Perrianne
A00831 	Lyau, Bradford
A01511 	Lyke, Richard
A01512 	Lyke, Richard, Guest of
A00832 	Lyman, David
A00833 	Lyman, Deanna
S04337 	Lyn-Waitsman, Barry
S04336 	Lyn-Waitsman, Marcy
A00835 	Lynch, Keith
A00836 	Lynch, Lorie
A00837 	Lynch, Nicki
A00834 	Lynch, Richard
A03254 	Lynch, Robert
A03055 	Lynn, Chet
A03056 	Lynn, Jan
A02086 	Lyons, Michelle Rene
A03945 	Lyris, Sonia Orin
S00838 	Lysaught, Joan

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