LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon

LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon: Internet Information Center [email to LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon]
The Second Occasional LoneStarCon Science Fiction Convention and Chili Cook-off, Variously known as the 55th World Science Fiction Convention and LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon, To be held from August 28th through September 1st, in the year 1997, in San Antonio, Texas.

LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon Membership List: T

This is the LoneStarCon 2 membership list. This version is current as of August 10th, 1997. If your name is not on this list and it should be, or if the membership class is incorrect, or your name is misspelled, please e-mail us at alamowebmaster@alamo-sf.org or send a fax to us at 512-472-4290 and we'll investigate.


H00008 	Tackett, Eleen
H00007 	Tackett, Roy
A01326 	Tacouni, Lorraine
A02540 	Takagi, Naoyuki
A02012 	Takeuch, Shinsuke
A01327 	Tallan, Carolyn
A01328 	Tallan, Michael
A02619 	Talmont, Michael
A02620 	Talmont, Robin
A03637 	Tanner, Jason
A01329 	Tate, James
A03583 	Tatsumi, Takayuki
A02542 	Tattan, Michael
A02054 	Tawzer, W.Irene
A01330 	Taylor, Arthur
A01331 	Taylor, Barbara
A02143 	Taylor, Charlene
C02109 	Taylor, Drew
A01696 	Taylor, Michael J.
A02299 	Taylor, Richard
A00019 	Taylor, Robert R.
A01332 	Taylor, Ron
S03155 	Taylor, Suzanna W
A03879 	Tebay, Suzanne
A04166 	Templeton, Brad
A01911 	Terry, Cece
A01910 	Terry, Frank
A03842 	Tesch, Jim
A02029 	Tetrick, Byron
A03343 	Thacker, Joanne
A01333 	Thayer, David
A01591 	Thayer, Diana
A01334 	Theroux, Robert
A02297 	Thiel, Timothy
A02300 	Thiel, Vanda
A02872 	Thiesen, Alan
S01335 	Thokar, Greg
S01336 	Thokar, Peggy
S01337 	Thomas, Joan
A02786 	Thomas, Tina A
A01338 	Thomasson, W. A.
S03375 	Thompson, Christine
A02690 	Thompson, Dan
A03206 	Thompson, David J
S03374 	Thompson, Donald
A02691 	Thompson, Julia
A01339 	Thomson, Amy
A01340 	Thomson, Becky
A01341 	Thomson, John
A02663 	Thorn, Anna
A01528 	Thorndike, Persis L.
S01932 	Thornhill, Denice
A03919 	Thornhill, Michael Cooper
A02212 	Thornley, Diann
A01941 	Thorp, Katy
A01942 	Thorp, Steve
A01342 	Thorsen, John
A01510 	Thouvenin, Michael
A02266 	Thrapp, Kevin
A00295 	Threadgill, Richard
A03396 	Thrower, B.J.
A03884 	Thrower, Karen
A03885 	Thrower, Randy
A03886 	Thrower, Sarah
A04157 	Tibbetts, Rosalie M.
A03135 	Tidwell, Gabriella G.
A03134 	Tidwell, Kenneth R
A01566 	Tiedemann, Mark W.
A04102 	Tihor, Stephen
A03927 	Tilley, Russell
A01343 	Timm, Don A.
A02139 	Timpko, Chuck
A02140 	Timpko, Denise
I02774 	Timson, Alexander
C02773 	Timson, Christopher
A02775 	Timson, Katrina
A02776 	Timson, Katrina, Guest of
A01344 	Tipton, Kimiye
C01716 	Tiptonford, Benjamin
A04202 	Tirosh, Oren
A02335 	Tober, Suzanne
A03920 	Todd, Mary
A02301 	Todd-Prather, Martha
A01345 	Toker, Susan
S00061 	Tolliver, C. Dan
A01346 	Tomaino, Samuel J.
A01643 	Tomlin, Bruce
S02047 	Tompkins, Dave
A01347 	Tompkins, Dorothy
A02705 	Tomshany, Robert
A01348 	Toomi, Juri
A02010 	Toop, Geoffrey
A03605 	Topjian, Dan
A03604 	Topjian, Julie
S01349 	Torres, Dineh
A03013 	Torres, Edenis
S02893 	Toth, Robert
A02544 	Townsend, Kit
A01655 	Townsend, Michael T.
A01350 	Tracy, Jamie
A01351 	Travis, David
A04121 	Treichal, Mary
C04216 	Trembley, Madelaine
A02336 	Trembley, Sharon
A01352 	Trend, Gregg T
A02494 	Trezza, Dick
A02879 	Trimble, Bjo
A02298 	Trinkle, Angel
A01353 	Trocchio, Gregory
A03224 	Truesdale, David
A02016 	Tsuzawa, Hiroko
A01957 	Tucker, Nancy
A01354 	Tucker, Patrick
A01355 	Tucker-Judd, Susan
A00062 	Tumminello, Charles S.
A01356 	Turek, Leslie
A02310 	Turner, Jim
A01357 	Turner, Pat
A03240 	Turski, Katherine
A01796 	Turtledove, Alison
A01359 	Turtledove, Harry
A01360 	Turtledove, Laura Frankos
C01795 	Turtledove, Rachel
C01794 	Turtledove, Rebecca

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