LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon

LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon: Internet Information Center [email to LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon]
The Second Occasional LoneStarCon Science Fiction Convention and Chili Cook-off, Variously known as the 55th World Science Fiction Convention and LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon, To be held from August 28th through September 1st, in the year 1997, in San Antonio, Texas.

LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon Membership List: M

This is the LoneStarCon 2 membership list. This version is current as of August 10th, 1997. If your name is not on this list and it should be, or if the membership class is incorrect, or your name is misspelled, please e-mail us at alamowebmaster@alamo-sf.org or send a fax to us at 512-472-4290 and we'll investigate.


A03095 	Maass, Donald
A03026 	Mac Donald, Clark
A03027 	Mac Donald, Dawn
S02942 	MacDougal, Kelly
A00839 	MacEwen, Pat
A01486 	MacFarlane, Ben
A01508 	MacFarlane, Tish
S00840 	MacGregor, Duncan
A02317 	Macht, Sarah Ann
A00841 	MacIntosh, Robert
A00842 	MacKenna, Craig
A00843 	MacKenna, Merikay
A00844 	MacLaney, Thomas
A03859 	Maclean, Laura
A02490 	MacNaughton, Mary
S00845 	Madden, J. R. (Mad Dog)
A01662 	Maddison, Joseph
S04085 	Madle, Billie L.
S04084 	Madle, Robert A.
A01903 	Mahan, Linda
A04125 	Mahan, Norman
A03172 	Maher, Dick
A03170 	Maher, Kathleen
S04290 	Maher, Mark A.
A00846 	Mahoney, Russell
S00847 	Mai, Bruce
S00848 	Mai, Nora
S00849 	Mainhardt, Ricia
H00009 	Maitz, Don, Guest of
A00850 	Maizels, John
A03296 	Majerus, Laura
A00851 	Major, Joseph T
A02917 	Major, Lisa Thomas
A02833 	Mak, Christine
A00852 	Mak, Derwin
S03422 	Maki, Shiniji
A03586 	Malcolm, Edward
A02483 	Malcolm, Susan M.
A02362 	Malewitz, Edward
A02363 	Malewitz, Eleta
A00854 	Mallard, Laura
A03679 	Mallard, Martha
A00855 	Mallon, Fred
A00856 	Malmberg, Norwin
A00857 	Manar, Bob
A02654 	Mandala, Julia
A02653 	Mandala, Larry
A00858 	Mangan, Lois H.
A00859 	Mangan, Paul J.
A00860 	Mann, Frank
A00861 	Mann, Jim
A00862 	Mann, Laurie D. T.
A01585 	Mann, Leslie
A02648 	Manning, Marsha
A00863 	Manning, Sandy
A01902 	Manning-Crawford, Faye
A01785 	Manning-Schwartz, Lynda
A00864 	Mansfield, Eric
A02008 	Mansfield, John
A03281 	Mansfield, John
S04327 	Manship, Cynthia
A02727 	Manttari, Hannu
S00865 	Manzo, Jon
A00866 	Marble, Beth
A00867 	Marble, Chris
A01933 	March, Russell
A01695 	Marchand, Jay
A01562 	Marchand, Jerrie
A03125 	Marikan, Yasmin
A03427 	Mariotte, J
A01046 	Marks-Brown, Kimberlee
A03124 	Marley, Louise
A02387 	Marquis, Mary
A00868 	Marr, Leon
A03624 	Marsh, Eric
A04223 	Marshall, Jeff
A02061 	Martin, Cheryl
A00869 	Martin, Diane
A00870 	Martin, George E.
A00871 	Martin, George R. R.
A02105 	Martin, Jean E
A02087 	Martin, Thomas K.
S00872 	Martin, Wendy
A02366 	Martinez, Candy
A02898 	Martz, Samia
A03825 	Marusek, David
A03163 	Marwitz, Eckh D
A02182 	Marzi, Jurgen
S00873 	Masinter, Celeste
S00874 	Masinter, Terry
A02709 	Maskell, Leslie
A02708 	Maskell, Marnie
A00875 	Mason, Michael
A04165 	Mason, Todd
A00876 	Matheny, Charles
A04124 	Mather, Theresa
A02798 	Mathews, Greg
A01916 	Mathews, Kelley
A02674 	Mathews, Michael
A03929 	Mathews, Patricia Shaw
A03403 	Mathews-Bailey, Gail
S00877 	Matlock, Trevin
S02595 	Matlock, Trevin, Guest of
A03651 	Matthews, Alan
A00878 	Matthews, Robert
A02658 	Matthews, Susan
A00879 	Matthews, Winton E.
S00880 	Maulucci, Mary
A03138 	May, Carla M.
A01574 	May, Laurie A.
A02577 	May, R. L.
S02024 	Mayer, Sally
A03247 	Mayer, Warren
A00183 	Mayhew, Joseph
A00881 	Maynard, Jeffrey
A03856 	Mc Corkle, Mary
A03432 	McAbee, Kyle Scott
A03263 	McArdle, Edward
A02492 	McArthur, Jeannine
A02491 	McArthur, Jeff
A03726 	McAuley, Paul
S01581 	McCaffrey, Tim
A02765 	McCalla, Wayne
A03061 	McCarthy, Wil
I03072 	McCaslin, Connor
A03073 	McCaslin, Sarretta
S00883 	McCaulla, Herbert F.
A03889 	McClellan, Bill
A00885 	McClune, Keith
A04059 	McClune, Shelia
A04205 	McClure, Martin
A01668 	McCombs, Cheryl
A00886 	McConnell, Frank
S00887 	McCoy, Marcia Kelly
S02281 	McCoy, Sean M.
A02325 	McCoy, Sean M., Guest of
A03310 	McCreary, Kyle
A03309 	McCreary, Tiffany
A00888 	McCrone, Frances
A00889 	McCuean, Theresa
A03906 	McDaid, John
S00890 	McDaniel, Robert
A00891 	McDaniel, Timothy A.
S04319 	McDavid, Glenn
S04321 	McDavid, James
S04320 	McDavid, Mia
S04322 	McDavid, Thomas
A04074 	McDermott, David
A03322 	McDevitt, Jack
A04131 	McDowell, John
A00892 	McDowell, Lisa
A04005 	McDysan, David
A04006 	McDysan, Debbie
A03872 	McElligott, Paul
A02205 	McElroy, Sandra
S00893 	McFarland, David
S00894 	McFarland, Diane
A01534 	McGalliard, Julie
S02953 	McGarry, Mark
A02981 	McGarry, Terry
S03490 	McGary, Richard
A01934 	McGeachin, William
S03470 	McGee, Caroline
S03469 	McGee, Tom
A04183 	McGinnis, Michael
A00895 	McGrain, Tim
A02028 	McGrath, Danny
A00896 	McGregor, Alayne
S04171 	McGregor, Colin
S00897 	McGregor, Kevin
A03688 	McGuire, Christian
S03759 	McGuire, LeAnna
A00898 	McGuire, Patrick
S02660 	McIninch, Bill
S00899 	McInroy, Todd
A03949 	McIntosh, Alan
A01549 	McIntyre, Vonda N.
A01896 	McKannan, Ann
A00900 	McKee, Erin
A00901 	McKenna, Marjorie
A02042 	McKersie, Joe
A03463 	McKinnon, Michael
A02493 	McLaughlin, Nina
A02223 	Mcmahan, John
A02482 	McMahan, Johnna
A02224 	McMahan, Susan
A02118 	McMahill, Douglas
A00902 	McMenamin, Mark
A03930 	McMullan, Duke
A03931 	McMullan, Pamily
A00903 	McMurray, Clifford (Kip)
A02041 	McMurray, Pat
A00904 	McMurrian, Althea
A00905 	McNary, Lucinda
A00906 	McNary, Mark
S03046 	McNiel, Ruth Ann
A01984 	McQuinn, Jamie
A02790 	McWilliams, Karen
A00907 	Meacham, Beth
A01550 	Mead, Sean Michael
S00908 	Mealy, Jeanne
A01507 	Mealy, Jeanne
S00909 	Means, David
A03526 	Medart, Daniel
A01594 	Medley, Cheryl
A01719 	Meek, Janet
A00911 	Meier, Wilma
A00912 	Meirenovs, Maija
A02323 	Melder, Grace
A02322 	Melder, Zane
A03187 	Mellby, John R
A03186 	Mellby, Sharon
A01992 	Mellott, Constance
A00913 	Meltsner, Ken
A00914 	Meltzer, Lori
S04283 	Menkes, Elka Tova
A02662 	Mercier, Stephanie
A01692 	Mercurio, Angela
A03505 	Meriwether, Cary
A03504 	Meriwether, Elisabeth
A00915 	Merlino, Mark
A00916 	Merrill, Christine
A00917 	Merrill, James
C03923 	Merrill, Jamie
C03922 	Merrill, Sean
A03218 	Merritt, John C.
A00039 	Merritt, Scott
A00918 	Mertesdorf, Diane
A00010 	Meschke, Karen
A03292 	Meserole, T. A.
S00919 	Meserole, Tom
A00920 	Meskys, Edmund
A00921 	Meskys, Sandy
A00922 	Meskys, Stanley
A01592 	Messinger, J. Henry
S00923 	Metcalfe, Liz
A03075 	Metsker, Kay
A00924 	Metz, Claire
A00925 	Metz, Paul
A03817 	Metzger, Robert
S00926 	Metzger, Steve
A03860 	Meyer, Gordon
A03734 	Meyer, Harry
A00927 	Meyer, Kathleen
A00928 	Meyer, Kathyann
A00929 	Meyer, Ruth
S02644 	Michaels, Linda
S00930 	Michals, Paul
A01595 	Middleton, Margaret
S01597 	Middleton, Morris
S01596 	Middleton, Sharon
A00040 	Miesel, Marie-Louise
A03888 	Milan, Victor
S00931 	Mildebrandt, Nancy
A00932 	Miller, Alan
A03998 	Miller, Arthur W.
A04248 	Miller, Barry
A00933 	Miller, Ben
A02764 	Miller, Bruce M
A00934 	Miller, Claire
A00935 	Miller, Craig
S04273 	Miller, Deborah
A00936 	Miller, Dennis B.
A00937 	Miller, Diane
S00938 	Miller, Dory
A02739 	Miller, Eleanor
A03477 	Miller, Gerald
A03363 	Miller, Harry R.
A02279 	Miller, John J.
A04051 	Miller, Keith A
A04218 	Miller, Kevin
S04324 	Miller, Margaret
A02115 	Miller, Mary
A01872 	Miller, Paul Thomas
A03686 	Miller, Russell A.
A00939 	Miller, Sasha
A04050 	Miller, Sue
A00940 	Miller, Susan
A02114 	Miller, Tim
A03476 	Miller, Yvonne
A02107 	Milligan, Beth
A02106 	Milligan, Robin
A00941 	Mills, Carla J. (C. J.)
S00943 	Minneman, Lynn
A03824 	Minor, Dennis
A03823 	Minor, Shirley
A04268 	Minz, James
A03370 	Mitchell, Betsy
S00944 	Mitchell, John
S03417 	Mixon, Clarke
A02340 	Mixon-Gould, Laura
A02486 	Miyagi, Hiroshi
S00946 	Moe, Janet
A01598 	Moe, Michael
A03963 	Moen, Rick
A00947 	Moertl, Daniel
A03101 	Moesta, Rebecca
A00948 	Mohapel, Charles C.
A00949 	Mohn, Susan
A00950 	Moir, Debby
S00951 	Moir, Lillian
A00952 	Moir, Mike
A00953 	Molloy, G. Patrick
A02084 	Molpus, Jane
A03673 	Monk, Devon
S00954 	Monroe, Larry
S00955 	Monroe, Sharon
A03511 	Monsen, Anders
A02242 	Monson, Dannielle
A02755 	Montagne, Michael
A02756 	Montagne, Tammy
A03904 	Montalvo, Stephen L.
A03287 	Montoya-Fredrickson, Tanya
A00041 	Moon, Elizabeth
A00956 	Moon, Michael
A00957 	Moon, Richard
A03266 	Moon-Gabet, Elizabeth
A03175 	Mooney, Linda
H00004 	Moorcock, Linda
H00003 	Moorcock, Michael
A03896 	Moore, Allan
A02707 	Moore, C David
F04089 	Moore, Clayburn S.
A02706 	Moore, Diane
A02636 	Moore, E. Colleen
A00042 	Moore, John F.
A03897 	Moore, Karen
S00958 	Moore, Ken
A02150 	Moore, Marian
F04091 	Moore, Paul
S00959 	Moore, Perry Glen
A03542 	Moore, Stuart
A01759 	Moran, Ann
A01609 	Moreno, David
A03327 	Morgan, Brain
A00469 	Morgan, Carolyn
A02487 	Morgan, Cheryl
A00960 	Morgan, Lyn
A00961 	Morgan, Richard L.
A03620 	Morgenstern, Kate
A03373 	Morhaim, Howard
A00962 	Morin, Tom
A01060 	Morlensen, Liz
A00963 	Morman, Brian
A00964 	Morman, Mary
A00965 	Morman, Melissa
A03762 	Morman, Michael J.
A00966 	Morrese, Sandra C.
A00967 	Morris, Hilarie
A04182 	Morris, Jay
A00968 	Morris, Phillip
A02331 	Morris, Skipper W.M.
A03162 	Morrisf, Simon
A04311 	Morrison, Renee
S00970 	Morrison, W. T.
A03361 	Mortimer, Stephanie
A00971 	Moscoe, Mike
S02489 	Mosely, Judith
A03261 	Mosk, Mona
A02187 	Moss, Miram
A04062 	Moulton, Fred
A02488 	Moursund, Beth
A01579 	Mozzicato, Susan
A02856 	Muggleberg, Marcia L.
S02737 	Mullen, Will
A00972 	Mumaw, Donnalyn
A00973 	Mumaw, Lorraine
A03985 	Muncy, Lee
A03986 	Muncy, Tracy
A00974 	Muraskin, Elaine
A01702 	Murphy, Andy
A02667 	Murphy, Kevin
A03641 	Murphy, Richard
A00975 	Murphy, Rose
A00976 	Murray, James J.
A00977 	Murray, Paula Helm
A03059 	Musgrave, Muff
A03058 	Musgrave, Real
S03298 	Myers, Arla
A02817 	Myers, Inger
A02816 	Myers, Joseph
A01829 	Myers, Julia
A03543 	Myers, Myra
A03715 	Myers, Tonja
A03544 	Myers, William
A04167 	Myronuk, Kathryn

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