LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon

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The Second Occasional LoneStarCon Science Fiction Convention and Chili Cook-off, Variously known as the 55th World Science Fiction Convention and LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon, To be held from August 28th through September 1st, in the year 1997, in San Antonio, Texas.

LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon Membership List: R

This is the LoneStarCon 2 membership list. This version is current as of August 10th, 1997. If your name is not on this list and it should be, or if the membership class is incorrect, or your name is misspelled, please e-mail us at alamowebmaster@alamo-sf.org or send a fax to us at 512-472-4290 and we'll investigate.


S02512 	Rabenn, Andy
A02249 	Ragan, Lewis
A03924 	Ragas, Earl
A03925 	Ragas, Mary Sheehan
A01108 	Rahm, Aragorn
A03780 	Rains, David
A02794 	Raiola, Tony
A02795 	Raiola, Tony, Guest of
A01082 	Ramey, Laurie
A01109 	Ramey, Timothy B.
A03978 	Ranger, Vol
A02288 	Rankin, Paul
A02163 	Ranne, David Sterling
A01110 	Ranson, Peggy
A01111 	Rasmussen, Geraldine
A01112 	Rasmussen, Karl S.
A04080 	Rathbun, Donna
A04174 	Rather, Richard
A02166 	Rathiff, Traci
A01113 	Ratti, David
A02290 	Rau, Gilbert
A02291 	Rau, Marilyn
A04215 	Rauchfuss, Judith
S01114 	Raw, Matthew J.
A01729 	Rawdon, Michael H
A03040 	Rawn, Melanie
A04016 	Ray, Robert E.
A03022 	Rayfield, Laura
A01115 	Raymond, Eric S.
A02356 	Raymond, Michael J
A02355 	Raymond, Sharon
A02743 	Ream, Fred
A01116 	Reamy, Diane
A02017 	Reap, Colette
A01783 	Reasoner, James
A01847 	Reasoner, Livia
A02513 	Rebholz, Jeffrey
A04161 	Redding, Lynn
A03009 	Redding, Marjorie
A00047 	Redding, Tom
A02784 	Redfield, Dr. Carol
A02783 	Redfield, Joe
A04009 	Redfield, Theresa
A01687 	Reece, Suzanne
A03280 	Reed, Franklin
A04195 	Reed, Robert
A02746 	Reed, Stephanie
A03279 	Reed, Veronica
A01117 	Reedy, Robert R.
A02931 	Reeves, Michael
S02881 	Rehn, Karl
S02514 	Reich, Ariel
A03475 	Reichert, Mark
A01118 	Reid, Malcolm M.
A03628 	Reigo, Kabutogi
A04200 	Reilly, Becky
A04199 	Reilly, Lawson
A04100 	Reis, Richard
A01119 	Reitz, Susan M.
A03850 	Rektorik, Debby
A02248 	Renihan, Lynne
A01120 	Resnick, Carol
A01121 	Resnick, Laura
A01122 	Resnick, Mike
A03010 	Resnick, Ross
A01123 	Rest, Neil
A02308 	Reumann, Rhonda A
A01125 	Reynolds, Jim
S01126 	Reynolds, Lee
S01127 	Reynolds, Linda
A01129 	Reynolds, Mike
A01130 	Reynolds, Robert
A02720 	Reynolds-Ward, Joyce
A01131 	Rezmerski, John
A03866 	Riall, Cary
A01132 	Rice, Finni
A03642 	Rice, Mary Kathleen
A04067 	Rice, Stephen
A01520 	Richards, Andy
A01629 	Richards, Mark E.
A03183 	Richards, Mary
A01358 	Richards, Paul
A03003 	Richardson, Jeff
A01133 	Richardson, Kathy Ann
A02582 	Richer, Barbara
A02583 	Richer, Robert
A00049 	Richerson, Carrie
A04068 	Richmond, Luray
A04069 	Richmond, Mark W.
A01620 	Richter, Juliann
A01134 	Rickart, Rebecca
A04033 	Ricke, Kymberlee
A04060 	Riddick, John
A03044 	Riddle, Harcourt
A03047 	Riddle, Mary
C03048 	Riddle, Peter
A03988 	Rider, Anne B.
A02827 	Ridgway, Cindy
A02828 	Ridgway, Cindy, Guest of
A02829 	Ridgway, Cindy, Guest of
A03446 	Rieko, Yamada
A01135 	Riel, Roberta
A03512 	Rigby, Laura Elizabeth
A01136 	Riley, Connie L.
S04314 	Riley, Hillarie
S04313 	Riley, Mark
A04001 	Riley, Timothy D.
A01137 	Ritch, William Alan
A01613 	Ritchey, Jamie C.
A01138 	Rittenhouse, Jim
A01139 	Rittenhouse, Susan J.
A01140 	Ritter, Bruce
A01898 	Rix, Gretchen
A02229 	Rix, Roxanne
A01143 	Roberg, Sharon
A01962 	Roberts, Carol
A02951 	Roberts, Elizabeth
A02515 	Roberts, Frank
A01144 	Roberts, Jim
A01961 	Roberts, John
A02950 	Roberts, John Maddox
A00050 	Roberts, Steven D.
S04028 	Roberts, Valerie
A03217 	Robertson, William C
A01145 	Robinett, Linda Louise
A03313 	Robins, Madeleine
A04230 	Robinson, Linda
A02133 	Robinson, Richard
A01146 	Robinson, Roger
A02132 	Robinson, Susan
A03778 	Robnett, Kevin
S04343 	Rodriguez, Maria
A01147 	Roe, Karen R.
A02260 	Roehm, Robert
A01148 	Roelker, Stephanie J.
A02517 	Rogers, Jeff
S01149 	Rogers, Joanne
S03638 	Rogers, Keith
A01963 	Rogers, Lisa
A03833 	Rogers, Patricia
A01150 	Rogow, Roberta
A01635 	Roller, Jennie A.
A03196 	Romberg, Nina
A01873 	Roosa, Richard
A01152 	Roper, Carol I.
A01153 	Rosenbaum, Arwen
A02518 	Rosenberg, Robert
A03119 	Rosenblum, Mary
A01154 	Rosenburg, Diane
S01732 	Rosenfeld, Sue-Rae
A01155 	Rosenstein, Jack
A03553 	Ross, Gabriel
A01540 	Ross, Hollis
A01156 	Ross, Patricia Ann
A03805 	Ross, Scott
A01157 	Ross, Wallace P.
A01158 	Ross-Mansfield, Linda
S00051 	Rosser, Donna
S01159 	Rosser, James R.
A01160 	Roth, Jeannette
A02508 	Roth, Jennifer
A02729 	Roth, Kurt
A01161 	Roth, Leslie
S03277 	Roth, Robert
A03758 	Roth, Shirl
A02519 	Roth, Stefan
A01531 	Roth-Whitworth, Kate
A01532 	Roth-Whitworth, Mark
A03054 	Rotundo, Matthew S
A03053 	Rotundo, Tracy L
A04190 	Roueche, Catherine
A01726 	Rouse, Sean Patrick
A01993 	Rowan, Deb
A01990 	Rowan, Gary
S04233 	Rowe, Burrel
A02962 	Rowe, Nigel W
A01848 	Roy, Ken
A01162 	Rubinstein, Peter
A03395 	Ruesch, Greg
A01163 	Ruh, Larry
A01164 	Ruhle, Kristin A.
A03195 	Runas, Michael
S01165 	Runyan, Mark W.
A02614 	Rupley II, Jeff
A03272 	Rusch, Kristine Kathryn
A02292 	Rusciolelli, Donna
A01166 	Rush, Ed
A04186 	Rush, Jeff
A04185 	Rush, Mary
A02206 	Rush, Rebecca
A02207 	Rush, Stephen J.
A03457 	Russel, Cheryl
A03456 	Russell, Keith
A03937 	Russell, Mary
A01167 	Russell, Richard S.
A02992 	Rust, Patricia
A03265 	Rutherford, Carol
A03535 	Rutishauser, Martha
A01168 	Ruzecki, Tom
A02231 	Ryan, Charles C.
S01169 	Ryan, Daniel
A04036 	Ryan, Don
A01170 	Ryan, Elizabeth
A02232 	Ryan, Mary C.

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