LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon

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The Second Occasional LoneStarCon Science Fiction Convention and Chili Cook-off, Variously known as the 55th World Science Fiction Convention and LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon, To be held from August 28th through September 1st, in the year 1997, in San Antonio, Texas.

LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon Membership List: F

This is the LoneStarCon 2 membership list. This version is current as of August 10th, 1997. If your name is not on this list and it should be, or if the membership class is incorrect, or your name is misspelled, please e-mail us at alamowebmaster@alamo-sf.org or send a fax to us at 512-472-4290 and we'll investigate.


S03016 	Fairbanks, Linda
A00424 	Faller, Nicholas L.
A03290 	Fancher, Jane
A00425 	Fansher, Steven
A03935 	Fanthorpe, Lionel
A03934 	Fanthorpe, Patricia
A00426 	Faries, Jennie
A00427 	Farina, Bill
A00428 	Farinelli, Cynthia D.
A00429 	Farinelli, Michael P.
A02959 	Farmer, Dale
A03966 	Farmer, David
A04104 	Farmer, Norman
A00430 	Farr, Bruce
A02847 	Farran, Randy
A03984 	Fasley, Karen
A00431 	Faunt, Doug
A00432 	Fawcett, Bill
A03607 	Feaster, Fred
A00433 	Feder, Moshe
A02447 	Fedick, Linda
S03024 	Feimster, Louisa
A03104 	Feintuch, David
A03204 	Feld, Becky
A03205 	Feld, Harold
S04272 	Feld, Marcia M
A00434 	Feldbaum, Gary K.
A03911 	Feldhoff, Robert
A00435 	Feldhusen, Allison
A00436 	Feldhusen, Michael
A04155 	Felice, Cynthia
A03546 	Felker, Lois
A00437 	Feller, Tom
A04178 	Fellows, Steve
S00438 	Fenner, Bob
A01891 	Fenske, Mary Eileen
A03969 	Fenton, Jeffrey
A00439 	Ferer, Susan
A02916 	Fetter, Sharon
A01760 	Fewell, Mark
A03829 	Fickes, Mark
A02126 	Field, Rosa
A01755 	Fields, Carl C.
A02885 	Fields, J Eddie
S02965 	Figer Jr, Joseph
S02196 	Figg, Mike
A02077 	Filip, Otto
A01554 	Fincannon, Margaret A.
A03067 	Finch, Shelia
A00441 	finder, jan howard
A03012 	Finney, Kim
A02441 	Fish, Leslie
A02442 	Fish, Leslie, Guest of
A02108 	Fisher, Elaine Y
A03459 	Fisher, Jane
A02601 	Fisher, Leslie
A02589 	Fisher, Mike
A00442 	Fisher, Naomi
A03749 	Fisher, Roy
A01646 	Fister-Liltz, Barbara
A00443 	Fitch, Don
A03294 	Fitch, Marina
A02811 	Fitch-Wallish, Andy
A02812 	Fitch-Wallish, Andy, Guest of
A00444 	FitzSimmons, Catherine (KT)
A00445 	Flanagan, John F.
A01580 	Flanagan, Maryeileen
A00446 	Flanagan, Sally
A00032 	Fleischmann, Joseph
A02142 	Fleischmann, Judy
A03626 	Fleming, Robert
A00447 	Flentke, George
A02600 	Fleury, Ian
A03282 	Flewelling, Linda
S02640 	Flood, Patricia
A00448 	Floyd, Terry
A00449 	Flynn, George
A00450 	Flynn, John L.
A03955 	Flynn, Michael
S00451 	Flynt, Carol
A00540 	Flynt, Carol
A00541 	Flynt, Clif
A02093 	Fogle, Marsha Lee
A00452 	Foglio, Kaja
A00453 	Foglio, Phil
A00454 	Folkringa, Sue
A02056 	Fong, Kandy
A02966 	Fontecchio, Oz
A02632 	Forbes, Monica
A01717 	Ford, Gordon
S00455 	Ford, Jeffrey E.
A00456 	Ford, Karen Susan
C03565 	Forgey, Chris
A03564 	Forgey, Cindy
C03566 	Forgey, Eric
A03563 	Forgey, Gerry
A00457 	Fortin, Rob
A00458 	Fortner, Michael R.
A00459 	Forty, Steve
A00460 	Foss, H. Richard
A00461 	Foss, Jace
A00462 	Fossum, Gordon C.
A00463 	Foster, Adrienne
A00464 	Foster, Brad W.
A00465 	Foster, Cindy
A03813 	Foster, Dave
A01885 	Fountas, James
A01884 	Fountas, Peter
S00466 	Fowler, Christopher John
A02361 	Fox, Andy
A01971 	Fox, Bobbi
A00467 	Fox, Crickett
A03283 	Fox, Marcha
A02444 	Fox, Teresa
A03574 	Foyt, John
A00468 	Frambach, John
A00470 	Francis, Steve
A00471 	Francis, Sue
A00472 	Francis, William C.
A04064 	Francisco, Anthony
S02907 	Franjevic, Barbara
A00033 	Frank, Brad
S03103 	Frank, Howard
S03102 	Frank, Jane
A03311 	Franklin, Wayne
A01659 	Frantz, Alex
A02446 	Frantz, Shirley
A04101 	Fraser, Ashley
S02894 	Fratz, Douglas
A00473 	Frazier, Todd
A01547 	Freas, Frank Kelly
A01548 	Freas, Laura Brodian
A00474 	Frech, James
A03828 	Fredrickson, Toby
A04086 	Freedman, Avi
A04087 	Freedman, Gail
A04234 	Freeland, David
A00475 	Freeman, Barry
S00476 	Freeman, Deb
A00477 	Freeman, H. Denise
A01683 	Freeman, Marlene
A00478 	Freitag, Lisa
A02445 	Fremon, Pam
A04269 	Frenkel, James
A00479 	Freyer, John
A00480 	Friauf, Doug
A03910 	Frick, Klaus
A03555 	Friedman, Alan
A02359 	Friedman, Philip
A03577 	Friedrich, Stefan
A01555 	Friesner, Esther
A02443 	Fritz, Melanie
A03532 	Fry, Geneva Rose
A01694 	Fuerstenberg, Jim
S00481 	Fuller, Frederic E.
S00482 	Fulton, C. K.
A00483 	Fulton, Kathy
A03587 	Fumoto, Tooru
A02193 	Furlong, Nigel
A04192 	Fusco, Joe
A03499 	Futoran, Gail
S00484 	Fyfe, Carol

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