LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon

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The Second Occasional LoneStarCon Science Fiction Convention and Chili Cook-off, Variously known as the 55th World Science Fiction Convention and LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon, To be held from August 28th through September 1st, in the year 1997, in San Antonio, Texas.

LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon Membership List: G

This is the LoneStarCon 2 membership list. This version is current as of August 10th, 1997. If your name is not on this list and it should be, or if the membership class is incorrect, or your name is misspelled, please e-mail us at alamowebmaster@alamo-sf.org or send a fax to us at 512-472-4290 and we'll investigate.


A01867 	Gaas, Ken
S02454 	Gaffney, Sharon
A00485 	Gahlon, Dean C.
A01776 	Gainsburg, Roy
A02213 	Galbraith, Cynthia
A02214 	Galbraith, James
A04140 	Gallagher, Dan
C04143 	Gallagher, Erin
C04142 	Gallagher, Kristen
A04141 	Gallagher, Laura
I04144 	Gallagher, Matthew
A03602 	Gallagher, Tom
A00486 	Gallaher, David
A02665 	Gallaher, Mitch
S00487 	Galloway, Joedy
A00229 	Galloway, Thomas
S00488 	Galt, John David
I03788 	Gamboa, Emily Virginia
A03789 	Gamboa, Mona
A01556 	Gamboa, Ruben
S02656 	Garcia, June
A01675 	Garcia, Lynn R.
S03733 	Gardiner, Michael
A03450 	Gardner, Dan
A02984 	Gardner, James
A01718 	Gardner, Jay
A03220 	Garfinkle, Richard
S02655 	Garner, Tom
A03482 	Garnett, David
A00489 	Garrison, Ken
A00490 	Garrott, Elizabeth
A03932 	Garza, John
A00491 	Gaskins, Judith Ann
A01535 	Gaspar, Carson
A03957 	Gaston, Jason
A02584 	Gates, Robert
A00492 	Gatlin, Chuck
A00493 	Gavelis, Maria
A02785 	Gazdecki, Dennis
A00494 	Gazdecki, Sandra
A00495 	Gbala, Helen
A04022 	Gear, A. Martin
A04021 	Gear, Barbara
A01698 	Gearhart-Gray, Mary Helen
S03735 	Geary, Mark
S00496 	Gebauer, Glenn
A00497 	Geiger, Nancy
A00117 	Geisler, Deb
A00498 	Gelb, Janice
A03826 	Geller-Smith, Barb
A03197 	Gemmell, David
A03198 	Gemmell, David, Guest of
A01828 	Genovese, Mike
A00499 	Gentili, Karl
A03770 	Gerdes, Catherine
A03769 	Gerdes, Mike
A02095 	Gerdes, Sandra
A02395 	Gerrold, David
A02396 	Gerrold, Sean
A02280 	Gerstner-Miller, Gail
A03552 	Giancola, Daniel
A00034 	Gibbons, John K.
A04075 	Gibbons, Marian
A03716 	Gibbs, Austin
S00500 	Gibbs, David
S03979 	Gibbs, Gail
A03836 	Gibson, Jeffrey
A01895 	Gibson, Lynda
A04193 	Gibson, Mike
A03581 	Giegel, Thomas P
A00501 	Giese, Tom
S02157 	Giguere, Paul
A02453 	Giguere Jr, Paul T.
A03276 	Gilbert, Lowell
A03301 	Gilbert, Shelia
A03892 	Gilchrist, Carl
A01671 	Giley #2, Kerry
A00502 	Gilio, Elizabeth
A00503 	Gilio, Jerry
S03330 	Gill, Patricia J.
S03331 	Gill, Steve
A00187 	Gilley, Kerry
A02094 	Gilley, Kerry
A03105 	Gilliam, Richard H.
S00504 	Gillies, Ron
A02452 	Gilliland, Alexis A.
A02450 	Gilliland, Lee
A03233 	Gilman, Laura Anne
A04007 	Gimblet, Janet
A00505 	Ginter, Erica Van Dommelen
A00506 	Ginter, Karl
A03703 	Gipson, Barbara
A04017 	Gipson, Mike
A02448 	Girard, Beniot
A01669 	Girard, Pamela
A01670 	Girard, Traci
S03391 	Gish, Pinky
A03389 	Gish, Ray
A02823 	Gitchell, Larry
A03576 	Giumento, S Guy
A03865 	Glaskowsky, Peter N.
A02996 	Glass, Gail
A02014 	Glass, Ingeborg
A02995 	Glass, James C.
A03108 	Glasser, Leslie
A01024 	Glasser, Linda
A01516 	Glasser, Marc
A01514 	Glasser-Camp, Ethan
A03099 	Glazewski, Nita L.
A00507 	Glennon, Steve
S03838 	Glover, Don
A00508 	Glyer, Mike
A02913 	Gnam, Carl
A00510 	Goddin, Jean
A00511 	Gold, Barry
A00512 	Gold, Lee
A00513 	Gold, Lynn
A00514 	Gold, Steve
A03334 	Goldstein, Valerie
A00515 	Gomez, Larry
A03816 	Gonzalez, David
A02886 	Gonzalez, Jack
A03815 	Gonzalez, Jean
A00516 	Goode, Kay
A03111 	Goodhand, G E
S00517 	Goodin, Joy
A01706 	Goodman, Judi B
A00518 	Goodman, Sarah
A03208 	Goonan, Kathleen Ann
A04023 	Gordon, Doug
A02449 	Gordon, Marc
A03116 	Gore, Denise
A03115 	Gore, Richard
A02234 	Gormley, Adrienne
A03221 	Gorney, Kathy
A02324 	Gott, Robert A.
A00519 	Gottlieb, Shayin
A02736 	Gould, James
A02339 	Gould, Steven
A02926 	Grabien, Marty
S02147 	Grace, Joyce Carroll
S02148 	Grace, Peter C.
A01894 	Graham, Brenda
A00013 	Graham, E. A.
A03229 	Graham, Hank
A03078 	Graham, Julian
A03228 	Graham, Kim
A01893 	Graham, Robert
A00520 	Grasso, Elyse
A02943 	Graves, Bill
A01699 	Gray, David L.
A02945 	Gray, Debbie
A02944 	Gray, Don
A01737 	Gray, Laurence
A03883 	Gray, Michael
A02075 	Gray, Troy
A04113 	Gray, William Dennis
A00521 	Grayson, Ashley
A00522 	Grayson, Carolyn
A02939 	Graziano, Brion
A03340 	Green, Conor
A03882 	Green, Doyle
A00523 	Green, Eleanor
A00035 	Green, Jon B.
A03174 	Green, Lucy
A03342 	Green, Owen
A00524 	Green, Ralph
A02918 	Green, Scott E.
A03339 	Green, Terence M.
A00525 	Greenbaum, Gary
A00014 	Greene, Lisa
A01626 	Greer, Audrey
A01557 	Greer, Earl
A01558 	Greer, Joyce
A04008 	Greer, Teddy
C01627 	Greer, Tiffany
A01499 	Gregory, Hugh S.
A03405 	Gresh, Lois
A04236 	Gribik, Paul
A00527 	Griffith, Brooks
A00526 	Griffith, Sandy
A01964 	Griffiths, Ward
S00528 	Grillot, Joe
A01843 	Grimes, Ken
A00529 	Grimm, J. Michael
A02608 	Grinbergs, Mikus J.
A00530 	Groat, Jim
A01877 	Groat, Rebekah
A03520 	Groell, Anne Lesley
A02742 	Groene, Joseph
S02593 	Groh, Brett
S02594 	Groh, Mary
A00531 	Grosko, Stephen
A03244 	Gross, Bill
A03803 	Gross, Brian
A00532 	Gross, Elizabeth
A03484 	Gross, Frances
A00533 	Gross, Merryl
A04229 	Grubb, Michael
A00534 	Gruter-Andrew, Jacky
A00535 	Gruter-Andrew, Oliver
A01619 	Guadiano, Chantel
A04298 	Guentzel, Neal
A00536 	Guidry, John
A03064 	Gunn, Eileen
S03051 	Gunn, Ian
S03049 	Gunn, Karen Pender
S03153 	Gunnarsson, Urban
S00537 	Guon, David
A00538 	Gurak, Ellen
A03147 	Guy, Paul
A03438 	Guzley, Gregory

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