LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon

LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon: Internet Information Center [email to LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon]
The Second Occasional LoneStarCon Science Fiction Convention and Chili Cook-off, Variously known as the 55th World Science Fiction Convention and LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon, To be held from August 28th through September 1st, in the year 1997, in San Antonio, Texas.

LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon Membership List: C

This is the LoneStarCon 2 membership list. This version is current as of August 10th, 1997. If your name is not on this list and it should be, or if the membership class is incorrect, or your name is misspelled, please e-mail us at alamowebmaster@alamo-sf.org or send a fax to us at 512-472-4290 and we'll investigate.


S00233 	Cadigan, Pat
A02273 	Cagle, Nancy B.
A01654 	Cagle, Tom
A01743 	Cairnes, John
A03126 	Caldwell, Craig
A01805 	Calhoun, Kevin
A01806 	Calhoun, Kevin, Guest of
S03320 	Callahan, Christine
A03351 	Callahan, Paul
A01515 	Camp, Donna
A00235 	Campbell, A. T.
A03001 	Campbell, Carl E.
A03005 	Campbell, Dougal
S02257 	Campbell, Evan
A00234 	Campbell, K. I. M.
A04227 	Cannon, Cheryl
A02431 	Cantor, David A.
A00236 	Cantor, Robbie
A02877 	Cantrell, Mark
A00237 	Cantrell, Stevie D.
A00238 	Capes, Eileen
A00239 	Caplan, Jack
A04292 	Capobianco, Michael
A02344 	Card, Peter
S00240 	Carey, Douglas Scott
A03841 	Carey, Jane Anne
S00241 	Carey, Mary Piero
A02318 	Carl, H. Paul
A02052 	Carl, Lillian Stewart
A00242 	Carleton, Gordon
S03321 	Carley, C. Elizabeth
S00243 	Carlson, Nancy
A01920 	Carlson, Vivian
A00244 	Caroll-Ventura, Sharon
S03545 	Carpenter, Amy
A03685 	Carpenter, Phil
A01533 	Carpentier, Paul
A03663 	Carr, D. Elaine
A00245 	Carroll, Cathy
S00246 	Carroll, Elizabeth
A00247 	Carruthers, Johnny
A00248 	Carson, Dana
A02985 	Carson, Linda
A00249 	Carson, Melinda
A02072 	Cartwright, Rebecca L.
S00250 	Carty, Sharon A.
A03590 	Casasent, Tod
A03341 	Casci, Merle
A02176 	Cascio, Mary Lee
S00251 	Casement, Suzanne
A00252 	Casey, Coreen
A00253 	Casper, Susan
A02179 	Cassel, Andrew
A01705 	Castro, Adam-Troy
A00255 	Caswell, Dennis
A00256 	Catelli, Ann
A01740 	Cates, Armel
A03369 	Cavelos, Jeanne
A01789 	Cavin, Bill
A01790 	Cavin, Cokie
A00257 	Cavitt, Ann
A02781 	Cazedessus, J Cooper
A02780 	Cazedessus, Judith
A02782 	Cazedessus, Leidy
A02779 	Cazedessus II, C.
A00258 	Cecil, Ann
S00259 	Center, William T.
A02430 	Chaffee, Adrienne
A00260 	Chalker, David
A00261 	Chalker, Jack L.
A00262 	Chambers, Glenn
A02760 	Chambers, Jackie
A00263 	Chambers, Ron
A00264 	Chambers, Susan
A01493 	Chancellor, Ann Layman
A00265 	Chapek-Carleton, Lori
A00266 	Chapman, John P.
A00267 	Chapman, Judith
A04250 	Chapman, Veronica
A03436 	Charlton, Ash
A01823 	Chatelain, Julianne
A01506 	Cherry, Steve
A02177 	Cherryh, C. J.
S02713 	Cheslog, Craig
A01593 	Chessmore, Tim
A02878 	Chewning, Maryanne
A00268 	Child, William L.
A00269 	Childers, Chad
A00270 	Chilson, Rob
A00271 	Chisholm, Walter
A04169 	Chitwood, Scott
A03593 	Christian, Janet
A04097 	Christian, William
A01551 	Christie, Mike
A00273 	Christmas, Robert
A03447 	Christy, Michael L.
A01966 	Chrystal, Ewan
A03414 	Chung, Katherine Anne
A01756 	Chwedyk, Richard J.
A02228 	Ciagala, Michael
A01832 	Cipra, Carl
A00274 	Clancy, Gerry
A03562 	Clark, Brian
A03585 	Clark, Brian M
A00275 	Clark, David W.
A03165 	Clark, Fiona
S03430 	Clark, Ivan
A03846 	Clark, Jan
A03766 	Clark, Jennifer
A02725 	Clark, Kenneth
S00276 	Clark, Mary M.
A02726 	Clark, Michele
A01994 	Clark, Michelle
A04220 	Clark, Murray
S03431 	Clark, Susan
A00278 	Claypool, Gavin
A03211 	Clegg, David A
A00280 	Clifford, Robert J.
A00281 	Clifford, Ruie Lue
A03908 	Cline, Jim
A00282 	Clink, Carolyn
S02426 	Clink, David
A02728 	Clough, Brenda W.
A03903 	Clowder, Nell
S00283 	Clowney, Vincent
A01840 	Cobb, Beverly
A01839 	Cobb, Gary
A00284 	Cobb, Nancy L.
S02124 	Cobb, Stewart
A02369 	Cockrell, James
S03558 	Coffeen, J. A.
A01833 	Coghlan, Calvin
A03262 	Cohen, Dorothy
A00285 	Cohen, Earl T.
A00286 	Cohen, Sandy
A04289 	Coker, John L
A01552 	Coldsmith, Sherry
S02643 	Cole, Adelmer
A03595 	Cole, Allan
S01948 	Cole, Anita
A02468 	Cole, Corey S.
A03516 	Cole, Julia
A00287 	Cole, Larry
A02467 	Cole, Lori
C02469 	Cole, Michael
S03465 	Cole, Mike
S03416 	Cole, Richard
A00288 	Cole, Stephen P.
A00289 	Cole, Susan
S02155 	Coleman, Franklin
A00290 	Coleman, Gaines A.
A03524 	Coleman, Howard
A03537 	Coleman, Loren L
A00291 	Collier, Earlynn
S00292 	Collins, Christina
S00293 	Collins, Gerald L.
A03462 	Collins, Lisa
A03461 	Collins, Ron
A00296 	Collinson, Jack
A02730 	Collrer, Christine
S03319 	Colson, Clifford Charles
A00297 	Colwell, Carol
A00298 	Concolor, Jazmyn
A00299 	Connell, Byron P.
A00300 	Connell, Christine V.
A04293 	Connell, Liza
A03996 	Conner, Susan R.
A04244 	Connolly, John
A02274 	Connors, Patrick
A03640 	Conrad, Cat
S00301 	Conrad, Joshua L.
A03729 	Contento, William G.
A00302 	Cook, Glen
A02669 	Cook, Glen, Guest of
A03818 	Cook, Joseph
A00303 	Cook, Norman L.
A03413 	Cooksey, Laura
A00304 	Cookson, Robin E.
A00028 	Cooley, Earl
S00305 	Coombs, Laura
A02219 	Coon, Heather
A00306 	Cooper, Chris
A04109 	Cooper, Donna
A04108 	Cooper, George
A02189 	Cooper, Kate
S01857 	Copeland, Jeffrey L.
A04082 	Coplen, Michael
A01792 	Corbett, Tim
S00067 	Cordray, Otto
A03246 	Corey, Mike
A00307 	Cornetto, John
A01856 	Correll, Walter
A03491 	Cortese, Janis
S00308 	Corwin, Scott
A02194 	Cotter, Del
S04325 	Coulson, Juanita
S04326 	Coulson, Robert
A00719 	Countryman, David
A02263 	Countryman, David, Guest of
A04267 	Court, Robert F
S03325 	Cox, F. Brett
A03862 	Craft, Judy
A03863 	Craft-Rendon, Benjamin
A03864 	Craft-Rendon, Susan
A01870 	Crain, Charles
A03123 	Crain, Glynn
A00311 	Crain, Merce
A01807 	Cramer, John G.
A01808 	Cramer, Pauline B.
A01901 	Crawford, Lindsay
A03971 	Crawford, Mark
A01951 	Creamer, James
A01722 	Creasy, Pat
A03786 	Creisler, Vince
A02073 	Crider, Bill
A02074 	Crider, Judy
A01762 	Cripps, Althea
A01763 	Cripps, Dennis
C01764 	Cripps, Gregory
A04291 	Crispin, A. C. (Ann)
A02957 	Crockett, David J
S04344 	Crosby, Colleen
S04345 	Crosby, Shawn
A00029 	Crossland, Shirley A.
A00228 	Crosson, Jerry
S02198 	Crosther, Vanessa
A02035 	Croughton, Chris
A03575 	Crowley, David
A01997 	Crowther, Nichola
A01996 	Crowther, Peter
A02975 	Cruise, Bill
A02974 	Cruise, Ruth
C02976 	Cruise, Sarah
A04117 	Crumby, Jodie
A04116 	Crumley, Ben
A00068 	Ctein
A02428 	Cullity Jr, Joseph
A00313 	Cunningham, Lowell
A00314 	Cupp, Sandy
A00315 	Cupp, Scott A.
A02343 	Curlee, Lu Ann
S00316 	Currie-Alder, Sheila D.
A02065 	Curtis, S. L.
A02979 	Curtis, Steven
S02427 	Cuyler, Alison
A00317 	Cyrus, Raymond C.

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