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The Second Occasional LoneStarCon Science Fiction Convention and Chili Cook-off, Variously known as the 55th World Science Fiction Convention and LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon, To be held from August 28th through September 1st, in the year 1997, in San Antonio, Texas.

LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon Membership List: P

This is the LoneStarCon 2 membership list. This version is current as of August 10th, 1997. If your name is not on this list and it should be, or if the membership class is incorrect, or your name is misspelled, please e-mail us at alamowebmaster@alamo-sf.org or send a fax to us at 512-472-4290 and we'll investigate.


A02865 	Paciello, Jackie
A00109 	Packer, Roseann
A03692 	Packlick, Jay
C03693 	Packlick, Kyle
S01025 	Paderewski, Janet
A02671 	Pagel, Stephen
A02543 	Palak, Rose
A02502 	Paley, Bill
A02503 	Paley, Bridget
A01973 	Palfi, Fern
A01974 	Palfi, Joan
A03159 	Palmatier, Susan
S04308 	Palmer, B Jean
S01026 	Palmer, Bob
A03898 	Palmer, Martha
A01027 	Palmer, Susan
A01028 	Paltin, Josephine
A02715 	Palulis, Audrey
A01029 	Paolucci, Carol
A04221 	Pappas, James J.
A01922 	Parente, Lois E.
A01030 	Paris, Sam
A04057 	Parisi, Nicholas
S04332 	Park, Charles
A02696 	Parker, Alan
A01771 	Parker, Aziza
A00017 	Parker, Bill
A01869 	Parker, Gary
A01031 	Parker, Helen
A04262 	Parker, Lois
A01032 	Parker, Philip
A02033 	Parker, Steve
A01033 	Parker, Tony E.
A03154 	Parks, Richard
A02799 	Parmarter, Sam
A01034 	Parmentier, Gregg
A01035 	Parris, Susan P. (Parris)
S01036 	Parrish, James
S01037 	Parry, Arwel
A00043 	Parsons, Spike
A03767 	Parton, James D.
A01038 	Partridge, Mark
S01039 	Pasche, Eva
A02673 	Patch, Terry
A01040 	Patrouch, Joe
A01041 	Patrouch, Ruth
A01042 	Patten, Fred
A03093 	Patterson, Carolyn
A03242 	Patterson, Dawn
A03092 	Patterson, Jeff
A03243 	Patterson, Scott
A01043 	Patterson, Teresa
A03408 	Patterson, Vicki
A02807 	Pattison, Jim
A02624 	Patton, A W
A03687 	Patton, Elizabeth
A02283 	Paul, Mary Ann
A01044 	Paul, Sara M.
A02585 	Paulk, Mark
A01045 	Pavlac, Ross
A01047 	Pavlat, Peggy Rae
S01048 	Pawlicki, Elizabeth
A03618 	Payne, Barbara
A01049 	Payne, Kathryn
S01050 	Payne, Michael
A01051 	Payne, Robert
A03189 	Peacock, Deborah
A03188 	Peacock, Mary Rachael
A03190 	Peacock, Robert
A01052 	Pearce, J. W.
A01053 	Pearce, M. A.
A03362 	Pearlman, Eileen
S03467 	Pearlman, Eleanor
A01672 	Peay, Nancy
A03855 	Peck, Brooks
A02188 	Peek, Bernard
S01054 	Peel, Susan
A03223 	Peer, David W.
A02968 	Peikert, Annette
A01056 	Peirce, Hayford
A01057 	Pekar, Bonnie
A01058 	Pellegrini, Joseph
A02568 	Pellet, John L.
A03011 	Pellet, Paul M
A01059 	Pelz, Bruce
A02092 	Pence, Karen
A02091 	Pence, Paul
A01610 	Pennella, Teodoro
A01061 	Penney, Lloyd
A02376 	Penney, Richard
A01062 	Penney, Yvonne
A03639 	Pennington, Teresa
S01063 	Pepmiller, Kathryn
A01064 	Perelgut, Alan
A01065 	Perelgut, Mary
C04133 	Peretz, Soloman
A03580 	Perez, Dan
A04222 	Perez, Felipe
A03967 	Perez-Arbelo, Jose
A01066 	Perkins, Frank
A03801 	Perrin, Don
A03633 	Perry, Peggy
A03388 	Perry, Tom
A01067 	Person, Lawrence
A04284 	Persons, Kelly S
A03596 	Perumov, Nick
A02282 	Peshek, Jo
A01664 	Peters, Brenda
S02504 	Peters, David
C01665 	Peters, Justin
C01666 	Peters, Leslie
A03234 	Peters, Phyllis
A02638 	Petersen, Tim
A02225 	Peterson, Amy
A01070 	Peterson, Joyce Corrine
A01071 	Peterson, Polly Jo
A03748 	Petit, Margaret-Mary
A03763 	Petit, Margaret-Mary, Guest of
A01073 	Pettinger, Pierre
A01072 	Pettinger, Sandra
A02001 	Pettis, Roy
A02616 	Pettit, Douglas
S01074 	Phelps, Charlotte
S01075 	Phelps, David
A00044 	Philley, Angela
A00045 	Philley, Randy (Bear)
A01563 	Phillips, Carol
A01076 	Phillips, Daryl
A02284 	Phillips, Eileen M
A02286 	Phillips, Eileen M, Guest of
A02287 	Phillips, Eileen M, Guest of
S02983 	Phillips, Nina
A01077 	Phillips, Susan
A04072 	Picacio, John
A03990 	Piedrahita, Teri Liston
A01078 	Pierce, Sam
A01079 	Pierce, Sharon
A03956 	Piercy, Donna
S04275 	Pilevsky, Seth
A01862 	Pilvinis, James
A02740 	Pimmel, David
A02505 	Pinkerton Jr, Max
S01080 	Pinkney, Robert J.
S01081 	Pinkney, Valerie J.
A00178 	Pins, Michael
A03274 	Pinsonneault, Matt
A03275 	Pinsonneault, Susan
A03131 	Pinzow, Anne Phyllis
S01083 	Piorkowski, Tracy
A01084 	Pirinen, Anetta
A01085 	Pirinen, Pekka
A03936 	Pistole, Mary
A02787 	Plagman, Steven C
A03420 	Pleshkov, Kirill
A01086 	Plumlee, Gary L.
A02716 	Plumridge, Marianne
A02701 	Poague, Monte
S02169 	Poe, Stephen
A03215 	Pohl, Frederik
A01750 	Poison Pen Press, Guest of
A03598 	Polins, Stanley L
A03503 	Pollack, Alan
S01087 	Pomeranz, Hal
A01088 	Pomeranz, John
S02900 	Porche, Phyllis
A01089 	Porter, Andrew I.
A01704 	Porter, Carol A.
A02511 	Porter, Carol Anne
A01090 	Porter, Ken
S04286 	Porter, M. C.
A02851 	Porter, Patrick
A01091 	Posner, Hilary
A01093 	Postelnek, Rosie
A01094 	Pothast, Paris
A01095 	Pott, Kate
A01096 	Poump, Florence
A02507 	Pournelle, Alex
I01886 	Powell, Ben
A03730 	Powell, Brent
A01888 	Powell, David
S00046 	Powell, Jon David
A03245 	Powell, Vicki
A02506 	Power, David
A03696 	Powers, Serena
A03694 	Powers, Tim
A03704 	Poyser, Astra
A02925 	Pratchett, Terry
A02293 	Prather, Joe
A01564 	Pratt, Robert
A03519 	Preik, Michelle
A03869 	Prentis, Linn
A02510 	Preston, Janice
A02509 	Preston, Richard
A03252 	Preuss, Paul
S04348 	Price, Cameron
S04346 	Price, Douglas
A02162 	Price, George
S04349 	Price, Mallory
S03781 	Price, Richard
A01097 	Priester, William
A01098 	Proctor, Brian
A01099 	Proni, Amy
A01100 	Proni, Tullio
A01101 	Provenzano, Leonard
A01102 	Pruitt, Tim
S03775 	Public Library, Florence
A03907 	Puckey, Don
A01623 	Pullein, Candace
A01624 	Pullein, Candace, Guest of
A01103 	Puller, Martin
S01104 	Purcell, Karen
A03494 	Purkey, Larry
S01105 	Purtell, Ann
A01106 	Purtell, Susan
A03326 	Purvis, Lisa Silverthorne
A01107 	Pyter, Tom

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