LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon

LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon: Internet Information Center [email to LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon]
The Second Occasional LoneStarCon Science Fiction Convention and Chili Cook-off, Variously known as the 55th World Science Fiction Convention and LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon, To be held from August 28th through September 1st, in the year 1997, in San Antonio, Texas.

LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon Membership List: H

This is the LoneStarCon 2 membership list. This version is current as of August 10th, 1997. If your name is not on this list and it should be, or if the membership class is incorrect, or your name is misspelled, please e-mail us at alamowebmaster@alamo-sf.org or send a fax to us at 512-472-4290 and we'll investigate.


A00539 	Haag, Halmer D.
A04010 	Hackley, Anne
A03042 	Hager, Dana
A00542 	Hagerty, Beatrice (Bunny)
A01989 	Haggerty, Paul
A00543 	Haguewood, Charlyn
A00544 	Haight, Cindy
A00545 	Hail, Elizabeth
A00546 	Hail, Guy
C04228 	Hailman, Forrest
A00547 	Hailman, Karl
A00548 	Haldeman, Gay
S04347 	Haldeman, Jane
A00549 	Haldeman, Joe W.
A00550 	Hale, Beverly A.
A00551 	Hall, Anna Mary
A03091 	Hall, Betty W
S00552 	Hall, Gary R.
A02463 	Hall, Joanne
A02462 	Hall, John
S00553 	Hall, Melinda
S00554 	Hall, Rebecca C.
A02079 	Hallock, Bruce G.
A00555 	Halsey, Wayne
C03699 	Haltom, Sarah
A03698 	Haltom, Stephen D.
A02080 	Ham, Elizabeth J.
A00012 	Hamilton, Casey
A02884 	Hamilton, Dan
A00557 	Hamilton, Nora
A04213 	Hamilton, Paul
A03167 	Hamilton, Peter
A03338 	Hammill, Charles M.
A01946 	Hammond, Tony
A00558 	Hancock, Jody M.
A00559 	Hancock, Larry
A01590 	Hangen, Dan
S00560 	Hanlon, Peter
S00561 	Hanlon, Thomas L.
A00036 	Hanlon, Tom
A04096 	Hanly, Steven
S03021 	Hanna, Michael
A03236 	Hannaford, Gwyneth
S00562 	Hannas, James
A01488 	Hansen, Marcie C.
A00563 	Haracz, Geraldine
C03561 	Harbaugh, Anne J.
A00564 	Harbaugh, Chris
A03559 	Harbaugh, Pamela A.
A03560 	Harbaugh, Randall J.
A00110 	Hardin, Barb
A01988 	Harding, Halina
A02938 	Harding, Leyla
S00565 	Hargreaves, Matthew
A03063 	Harland, Cheri
A02611 	Harmon, Celina
A00566 	Harnan, Janel K.
A00567 	Harnan, Michael J.
A00568 	Harold, John
A00569 	Harper, James S.
A04243 	Harper, John A.
A01801 	Harrigan, Harold
A01803 	Harrigan, Lisa Deutch
A01802 	Harrigan III, Harold
A00570 	Harris, Barbara
A00571 	Harris, Clayton H.
A00572 	Harris, Craig A.
A00573 	Harris, Debra
S02461 	Harris, George E.
A00574 	Harris, Jonathan N.
A03997 	Harris, Stephen
A00575 	Harrison, Irene
S00576 	Harrison, Joy C.
A00577 	Harsh, Claudia
S04339 	Harsh, David
A02116 	Hart, David
A01982 	Hart, Karen
A03428 	Hart, M
A01999 	Hartley, James A.
A02680 	Hartlieb, Paul
A03668 	Hartlove, Roberta
A00578 	Hartman, J. Ann
A02876 	Hartman, Keith
A00579 	Hartman, Norman E.
A00580 	Hartwell, David G.
A00581 	Hartzog, Howard
A00582 	Hartzog, Jeanne
A02267 	Harvey, Dean
A02268 	Harvey, Jean
A03285 	Hasbrouck, Paul
A03286 	Hasbrouck, Paul
A02548 	Hashimoto, Junko
C02549 	Hashimoto, Kenta
A02547 	Hashimoto, Motohide
C02550 	Hashimoto, Nana
A02902 	Hassell, Gail
A03814 	Hasson, Gary
A01739 	Hastie, David
A00583 	Hasty, Christine
A00584 	Hasty, Rocky D.
A02457 	Hatcher, Matthew
A02078 	Hatfield, Jason
A03525 	Hatfield, Shelley
A02136 	Hatfield, Ted
A02099 	Hathaway, Mike
A02190 	Hattori, Paul
S00585 	Haufle, Peggy
S00586 	Haufle, Ralph
A02668 	Hauldren, Patricia
A03070 	Hauptmann, Janet
A03071 	Hauptmann, Rick
A04156 	Havard, Greg
A00587 	Haven, Les
A03660 	Hawkins, Kit
A03423 	Hawkins, Terry
A00588 	Hayashida, Shigeru
A00589 	Hayden, Dee
A01746 	Hayes, David
A02275 	Hayes, Lisa
A04137 	Haynes, Elizabeth
A02220 	Haynes, Laurie
A02172 	Haynie, Becky
A02171 	Haynie, Jeff
A02204 	Hazlewood, David
A02112 	Hazlewood, Meri K
A00590 	Heaphy, Kim
A04081 	Heath, Charles
A03900 	Heck, Peter J.
A04299 	Hedges, Kathleen
A03708 	Heidel, Andy
A00125 	Heins, Dianne
A00591 	Hejna, Kristine
A00592 	Helba, David
A00593 	Helba, Michael J.
A00594 	Helgesen, Martin W.
A03690 	Helgeson, Judy
A00595 	Hellinger, Stuart C.
S00596 	Helm, Karen
A01677 	Helm, Mary M.
A00597 	Hendee, Andy
A00599 	Henderson, Arthur L.
A00600 	Henderson, Rebecca R.
A00601 	Hendrick, Fred (Woody)
A00602 	Hendrick, Lindia
A04135 	Hendrick, Mike
A03594 	Hendrix, Howard
A00603 	Heneghan, Jack
A03299 	Henley, Darin
A00604 	Henley, Ron
A02946 	Henry Jr., Michael
A00605 	Henson, Nancy
A02046 	Hepburn, Alasdair
A00606 	Hepperle, Robert
A03077 	Heredia, Dina
A04127 	Hernandez, Ercilia A
A03541 	Herring, Greg
A00607 	Herrington, David A.
A00608 	Herrup, Mark
A00609 	Herscher, Philip
A03158 	Hershey, Allison Fiona
A03710 	Hershey, Jennifer
A02646 	Hertel, Lindsey
A00610 	Hertel, Lisa
A00611 	Hertel, Mark
A01799 	Hertz, John
A00612 	Herz, Melanie
S04329 	Hess, Ronald
S02972 	Heuer, Alan
A00613 	Hewitt, Marylouise
S03387 	Hiatt, David
A03522 	Hiatt, Jane
A03523 	Hiatt, Jerry
S03386 	Hiatt, Kim M.
A04189 	Hide, Andrew
A02541 	Hideshima, Mikiko
A03043 	Hiebert, Brian
A03989 	Higdon, Lori
A01986 	Higgins, Bill
A01607 	Higgins, Mike
A03182 	Higgins, Susan R
A02747 	Hilbert, Bryan
S00615 	Hildebrand, Patricia K.
A00616 	Hilgartner, C. Andrew
A01608 	Hill, Barbara E
A01844 	Hill, Betsy
A00617 	Hill, Christina
A02262 	Hill, Susan
A02924 	Hill, Theresa
A01845 	Hill, Wesley
A03961 	Hilliard, Stephen
A00618 	Hillis, Robert L.
A03203 	Hilpert, Hilda
A03202 	Hilpert, Jessica
A03235 	Hilton, Nancy
A00619 	Himmelsbach, Robert M.
A02455 	Hina, Holly
A03418 	Hines, David
A02734 	Hines, Donald
A03609 	Hinesley, Wes
A02766 	Hinton, Melissa
A02767 	Hinton, Samuel
A02912 	Hintz, Mark
A00621 	Hipp, Scott
A01926 	Hiramoto, Miho
A03381 	Hirzel, David
A02711 	Hise, Jan
A02710 	Hise, Tom
A00622 	Hisle, Debra M.
A00623 	Hisle, James M. (Matt)
A00624 	Hitchcock, Chip
A01678 	Hitzfelder, Lucy
A00625 	Hoare, Jean L.
A00626 	Hoare, Martin
A00015 	Hodgkinson, Debbie
A02085 	Hodgkinson, Guest of Debbie
A04039 	Hoehne, Karen
A04040 	Hoehne, Trey
A01956 	Hoey, Daniel
A02082 	Hoff, Martin
A02460 	Hoffman, Joan
A03757 	Hoffman, Nina Kiriki
S02019 	Hofmann, Matthais
A00627 	Hofstetter, Joan
A02349 	Hohrmann, Al
A02459 	Hoie, Tore Audun
S02306 	Hoka, Sherlock
A03127 	Holden, Judy
A03128 	Holden, Keith
A01708 	Holik, Ron
A03677 	Holland, David Brian
A00628 	Hollis, John A. R.
A04224 	Hollowell, John
A02963 	Holly, Robin F
A02053 	Holmen, Rachel Elaine
A02175 	Holmes, Jean
A00629 	Holt, Melissa
A03974 	Holt, Tyrone E
A02652 	Holzer-Baer, Kristina
A00630 	Honeck, Francis J.
A00631 	Honeck, Susan L.
S04333 	Hong, Mary Ann
A01749 	Honig, Mike
A02697 	Hood, D R
A03854 	Hood, Norman
A03681 	Hooper, Mike
A04261 	Hooten, Melinda
A04260 	Hooten, Tom
S04330 	Hoover, H
A00632 	Hopfner, John
S02398 	Hopkins, Michael
A00633 	Hopkins, Priscilla A.
A00910 	Horcher, Ann-Marie
A01617 	Horgan, Jacqueline J.
S00634 	Horn, Donna
A04061 	Horne, Arlynn
A04232 	Horne, Eugenia
A02044 	Horwatt, Amy
A03627 	Hosoi, Etsuko
S00635 	Houseman, Doug
S00636 	Howard, Dennis D.
A00637 	Howard, Geri
A02840 	Howe, D Geordie
A02745 	Howe, Steve
A02744 	Howe, Travis
A00638 	Howell, Dave
A00639 	Howells, A. L.
A01509 	Howlett, Winston
S02401 	Hoynowski, Charles
A04066 	Hubbard, Mark
S00640 	Huckelbery, Tim
A01786 	Huckenpahler, J
S00641 	Huckle, Cindy
A04201 	Hudson, Donald
A02956 	Hudson, Duncan
S02066 	Hudson, James F.
A02955 	Hudson, Nancy
A00642 	Hudson, Sheila S.
A00643 	Hudson, Timothy L.
A00644 	Huebner, Kenneth L.
A02383 	Huff, Kevin
A02384 	Huff, Sarah
A02848 	Hughes, Rachel
A04130 	Hugo-Vidal, Julis J
A04120 	Huibers, Sandra
A03216 	Hull, Elizabeth Anne
A02330 	Hull, Matthew G.
A00645 	Hulse, Charles R.
A00646 	Humphrey, Thomas
A00647 	Humphries, Julie
A00648 	Humphries, William
A00649 	Hunger, Jamie
A02276 	Hungerford III, David M
A02672 	Hunt, Charles
S04351 	Hunt, Shirley
A03411 	Hunter, Julianne
A00650 	Hunter, M. Elizabeth
S00651 	Hunter, Marc
A03965 	Huntsman, Tim
A00652 	Hurley, Brian
A00653 	Hurst, David A.
A03083 	Hutchinson, Robert J
A02329 	Hutchmacher, Claudia
A01868 	Hutson, Melinda
A02458 	Hutter, Richard
A00654 	Hyman, Anita
A01710 	Hyman, Carolyn
A01709 	Hyman, Mark
A00655 	Hyman, Sara

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