LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon

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The Second Occasional LoneStarCon Science Fiction Convention and Chili Cook-off, Variously known as the 55th World Science Fiction Convention and LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon, To be held from August 28th through September 1st, in the year 1997, in San Antonio, Texas.

LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon Membership List: B

This is the LoneStarCon 2 membership list. This version is current as of August 10th, 1997. If your name is not on this list and it should be, or if the membership class is incorrect, or your name is misspelled, please e-mail us at alamowebmaster@alamo-sf.org or send a fax to us at 512-472-4290 and we'll investigate.


A02425 	Backman, Charles
S03393 	Baden, C.S.F. Boston
A03314 	Badini, L. James
A03606 	Badrich, S
A02218 	Badum, Jody
A02236 	Baer, Fredrika E
A00126 	Bahm, Margene S.
A02797 	Bailey, Diana
A02424 	Bailey, Mark
A02796 	Bailey, Robin Wayne
S04280 	Bailey, Timothy
A03404 	Bailey-Matthews, Alexander
A03199 	Baird, Wilhelmina
A01860 	Baker, Charles
A02312 	Baker, Irwin
A02826 	Baker, J N
S01733 	Balazs, Frank
A04035 	Baldwin, Elizabeth
A01637 	Baldwin, John
A02272 	Baldwin, Merl M
A01638 	Baldwin, Sharon L.
A00128 	Balen, Henry
A04180 	Ballinger, David
A00129 	Balter, Gerri
A03831 	Bambrough, Brian
A02423 	Banbury, Michael
A02412 	Bandit
A02422 	Bangs, Mari
S03873 	Bantly, Jeff
A01541 	Bantz, Bruce
A01542 	Bantz, Jonni
A00130 	Bara, David E.
A02421 	Barbara, George
S02411 	Barber, Elizabeth
A03344 	Barbour, Garth
A03249 	Barbour, Linda
A00131 	Bard, Barry
A03973 	Barker, Lisa Ann
A03307 	Barkow, Donna
A03902 	Barlowe, Raleigh
A04145 	Barnbridge, Jim
A04146 	Barnbridge, Theresa
A03851 	Barnes, Chris
A00132 	Barnes, Clifford
S00133 	Barrett, Bryan
H00005 	Barrett, Neal
H00006 	Barrett, Ruth
A00134 	Barrett, Sean
A00135 	Bartlett, Mark
A00136 	Bartlett-Sloan, Kirby A.
A01636 	Bartlett-Sloan, Marie
A00137 	Barton, Adrain
S01513 	Barton, Andrew
A03947 	Barton, Gail R
A02419 	Barton, Jeannette
A03084 	Barton, William
A00138 	Bartter, Martha
A01842 	Basarke, Gisela
A01841 	Basarke, Ken
A02070 	Bassett, Julie
S00139 	Bateman, Gary
A03179 	Bates, Kenn
S04303 	Batson, Allen
S04304 	Batson, Barbara
A01603 	Battle, Mike
A01604 	Battle, Wendy
A00023 	Baty, Kurt
S04340 	Bauer, Arwen
A01728 	Baugh, E. Susan
A01727 	Baugh, Michael
A03952 	Baxley, Alicia
S00140 	Baxter, James
A02417 	Baxter, Stephen
A03144 	Bay, Austin
S02844 	Beach, Claudia
A00141 	Beach, Covert
S02845 	Beach, Ken
A01892 	Beaird, Grady
A00142 	Beal, Robin
S00143 	Beare, Stephen Geoffrey
A02271 	Beasley, Susan
S01495 	Beatman, Howard
A00144 	Beatty, Allan
A03222 	Bechtel, Amy
A02869 	Beck, Christine A.
A01648 	Beck, Martha
A02870 	Beck, Patrica
S01821 	Beck, Thomas
A04045 	Becker, Casie
A00024 	Becker, Tom
A00145 	Becker, William
S04279 	Beckett, Pat
A00146 	Beckwith, Cathy
A00147 	Beckwith, Harry
S02410 	Bedorossian, Asbed
A03258 	Beecher, R W
A03212 	Beeching, Ann L
A01503 	Beeler, Jeff
A02307 	Beeman, William R
S03674 	Beemer, Michael P.
A02407 	Beers, Jinx
S04027 	Beese, P.J.
S04026 	Beese, Robert
A00179 	Beesley, Marie Louise
A03401 	Beggs, Delores
A02416 	Behling, Pat
A02415 	Behling, Ruth
A00148 	Behrns, Lynn P.
A03728 	Belfiore, Jim
A01538 	Bell, Bernard J.
A03002 	Bell, Hilari
A03999 	Bell, M. Shayne
S03506 	Bell, Theresa
A01822 	Bellamy, Maria
A02018 	Bellingham, Alan
A00149 	Belton, Joanne
A00150 	Bemis, Judith C.
A03943 	Ben-Hur, Devin
A01909 	Bender, Ria
A03357 	Benford, Gregory
A03358 	Benford, Joan
A02933 	Bennecke, Rod
A02192 	Bennemann, Sabine
C01615 	Bennett, Alex
A00151 	Bennett, Gregory
S00152 	Bennett, J. David
A04056 	Bennett, Kristen
S00153 	Bennett, Linda Lee
A00154 	Bennett, Melva G.
A02717 	Benson, Bill
A02718 	Benson, Trish
A00155 	Bentley, Mitchell Davidson
A00084 	Benveniste, Michael
A02903 	Benway, Catherine
S03406 	Berberick, Nancy
A03513 	Berend, Jan Berried
A03382 	Berger, Guy
S03268 	Berger, Theresa
S00157 	Bergeron, Jeff
A04065 	Berish, Lewis
A02839 	Berkey, Marianne
S03739 	Berkwits, Jeff
A02853 	Berlant, Joseph
A01496 	Berry, Curtis
A00158 	Berry, David
A01497 	Berry, Marilyn
A00159 	Berry, Terry
S02049 	Bertelsen, Richard
A00160 	Bertke, Andrew
A00161 	Berven, Leroy F.
A01537 	Berven, Sue
S00162 	Besher, Christine A.
A03415 	Best, Allison Stein
A03765 	Bethancourt, Joe
A02700 	Bethke, Michele
A02919 	Beves, Jill
A03556 	Beychok, Tina
A00163 	Beyke, Maurice
A00164 	Beyke, Sherri A.
A00165 	Bhushan, Ajay
A03025 	Biancamano, Nancy J.
A04123 	Bicking, David
A02612 	Bier, Lorraine R.
A02613 	Bier, Lorraine R., Guest of
A03827 	Bigelow, Ann
A01871 	Billing, Wayne
S01369 	Billings, Lee
A00167 	Bilmes, Joshua
A03079 	Birdsong, J K
S00168 	Birkhead, Sheryl
A00169 	Bisbee, Rebecca D.
A00170 	Bisbee, Robert
A00171 	Bisenieks, Dainis
A00172 	Bishop, James Daniel
A00025 	Bishop, Leonard
A02897 	Bishop, Michelle
A00173 	Bishop, William J.
A02988 	Blackford, Jenny
A02989 	Blackford, Russell
A00174 	Blackman, Mark L.
A02591 	Blackmarsh, Mora
A02011 	Blackwood, Robert
S04306 	Blake, Michael
A02947 	Blaker, John
A01827 	Blanchard, Linda
A00175 	Bland, Ken
A00176 	Bland, Martha
A01745 	Blaschke, Jayme
A00177 	Blattel, Mark
S02803 	Bleaney, Ted
A03536 	Bleuel, Sheryl
A03348 	Blevel, William
A03970 	Blevins, Tippi
A00180 	Bliss, David
A03166 	Block, Rudiger
S00181 	Blog, Gary S.
A02151 	Blom, Suzanne
A03288 	Bloom, David M.
A00182 	Bloom, Kent
A02125 	Bloom, Michael
A03289 	Bloom, Stella
S03267 	Boardman, Andrew
A03702 	Boardman, Robert
A03568 	Bock, Sonja A.
A00185 	Boden, Dana
A04196 	Boellstorff, Leslie
S00186 	Boettch, Glen A.
A00026 	Bogen, David
A00027 	Bogen, Karen
A02875 	Bohdal, Debbie
S02932 	Bolesny, Darlene D.
A00188 	Bolgeo, Robert
A03399 	Bolinski, Richard
A03385 	Bollerud, R.Merrill
A03324 	Bond, Angela R.
S00189 	Bonder, Seth
A02438 	Bondi, Gail
C02439 	Bondi-Ernoehazy, John-Stephen
A00190 	Bone, Vicki
A04184 	Boosman, Frank
A03136 	Boren, Terry
A03845 	Bornstein, Edward
A02195 	Bostel, Ashley
A00191 	Boster, Alex
S04342 	Boston, Lynn
A00192 	Botwin, Mitchell
A00193 	Botwin, Seth
A02857 	Bouchard, Alex
A00194 	Boucher, Kenneth D.
A01667 	Boucher, Mandy
A00195 	Boucher, Stephen
A04107 	Bouma, Judith
A03201 	Bourne, Elizabeth Lawhead
A03200 	Bourne, Mark
A00196 	Bouska, Amy S.
A01567 	Bowerman, Patricia R.
A04014 	Bowker, John
A00197 	Bowker, Michael L.
A04015 	Bowker, Sherri
A02637 	Bowman, Dean
A02081 	Boyd, Brian
A04226 	Boyer, Judith
A04153 	Braastad, Richard
A01787 	Bracken, Quentin
A00198 	Bradley, Charles K.
A03096 	Bradshaw, Dean
A03097 	Bradshaw, Debra
A04054 	Bradt, Greg
A04055 	Bradt, Joan
A01969 	Brammer, Cecilia
A01968 	Brammer, Fred
A02184 	Brandshaft, Richard
A00016 	Brandt, Richard
S04312 	Brang, William
A02117 	Brans, Patricia
A01545 	Brantley, Cynthia
A01546 	Brantley, John D.
A03647 	Brascugli, Mary
A00199 	Bratman, David
A03315 	Brehl, Jennifer
A00200 	Breidbart, Seth
A04154 	Bremner, April
A00201 	Breslau, Esther S.
A00202 	Breslau, Michael
A02871 	Brewer, Alta
A03066 	Brewster, Alisa
A03065 	Brewster, Kent
A03784 	Brice, Lisa M.
A00204 	Brick, Barrett L.
A00205 	Brickner, George S.
A01824 	Bridges, Dave
A03041 	Bridges, Greg
A03589 	Bridges, Gregory
C03086 	Bridges, Miri
C03087 	Bridges, Ted
A02382 	Brigdon, Floyd E.
A02414 	Briggs, James
A00206 	Brigham, Cheryl
A00207 	Bright, Lyndie S.
A00208 	Brin, David
A00209 	Brincefield, Tom
S03176 	Brind, Michael D
A01632 	Bringardner, Diana
A02241 	Broadway, Lucy
S00210 	Brooks, Cuyler Warnell
A02698 	Brooks, Joanne
A01651 	Brooks, Patricia C.
A00211 	Broomhead, Ann A.
S02588 	Brosio, John
A04297 	Brotherton, Michael
S00212 	Broughton, Mary
A01543 	Brown, Charles N.
A01544 	Brown, Charles N., Guest of
A03335 	Brown, Dan
S02792 	Brown, Dwight
A02413 	Brown, Eric W.
A03173 	Brown, G W
A03394 	Brown, Jael J.
S00213 	Brown, James H.
A01804 	Brown, Jordan
A03239 	Brown, Katie
A00214 	Brown, Phylis S.
S00215 	Brown, Rebecca M.
A02793 	Brown, Robert L
A00216 	Brown, Steve Wesley
A03785 	Brown, Taylor
A03452 	Brown, V. S.
A02365 	Brown, Warren
A01858 	Brown, William
A03238 	Brown, William M
A01601 	Brownlee, Guy Clayton
A01616 	Brummel, David H.
A03756 	Brunet, James
A01689 	Bruno, Michael J.
A03672 	Brunson, Emily
A03848 	Brusso, Charlene
A00218 	Bryant, Anthony J.
S00219 	Bryant, Edward
F04090 	Bryant, Michele
A00220 	Buchanan, Carol
A00221 	Buchanan, Ginjer
A01568 	Buck, Charles
H00001 	Budrys, Algis
H00002 	Budrys, Edna
A03295 	Budz, Mark
A03881 	Buergi, Roy
A02678 	Bujold, Lois McMaster
A02679 	Bujold, Paul
A03114 	Bull, Emma
A00222 	Bumby, Margaret
A03597 	Bunch, Kathryn
S04281 	Burbank, Sergei
A00223 	Burdick, Bruce
A02261 	Burgard, Susan
A02096 	Burgess, Ann
A01264 	Burk, Mike
A02216 	Burke, Diana Gallagher
A02215 	Burke, Martin R.
S00224 	Burkhart, Kathleen
A00225 	Burney, Brian
A01645 	Burnham, Crispin
S00226 	Burrows, Allan D.
A04111 	Burson, Patricia
S02586 	Burstein, Joshua
S00227 	Burstein, Michael A.
S02598 	Burstein, Nomi
A02026 	Burton-West, Roger
A02685 	Bushlow, Nora
A03615 	Buskey, Sadee
A00230 	Buss, Mary Aileen
A00231 	Butler, Charles W.
A03145 	Butler, Lillian E.
S01569 	Butler, Samuel
A01736 	Bynum, Diana L.
A01490 	Bynum, Frank
A02123 	Byrd, Ahliana
S00232 	Byrd, Brent A.
A02122 	Byrd, Lynn

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