LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon

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The Second Occasional LoneStarCon Science Fiction Convention and Chili Cook-off, Variously known as the 55th World Science Fiction Convention and LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon, To be held from August 28th through September 1st, in the year 1997, in San Antonio, Texas.

LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon Membership List: D

This is the LoneStarCon 2 membership list. This version is current as of August 10th, 1997. If your name is not on this list and it should be, or if the membership class is incorrect, or your name is misspelled, please e-mail us at alamowebmaster@alamo-sf.org or send a fax to us at 512-472-4290 and we'll investigate.


A00318 	Dachowitz, Emily
A00319 	Dakins, Mark
A02144 	Dalessio, Angelo
A02316 	Daly, Patricia
A01701 	Dammann, Mickey A.
A03534 	Dana, Jackie
A03151 	Danforth, Elizabeth T.
A03383 	Daniele, Stephen
A00320 	Dann, Michael B.
A03141 	Dannenfelser, Randy A
A03248 	Danon, Paul-Andre
A04203 	Dar, Shear
A04136 	Darby, Chrysty
S02378 	Darrow, Barbara
S02381 	Darrow, Daniel
S02379 	Darrow, Frank
S02380 	Darrow, Sharon
C01685 	Dashoff, Alan
C01686 	Dashoff, Jared
A00321 	Dashoff, Joni Brill
A00322 	Dashoff, Todd
A03599 	Datlow, Ellen
A03689 	Daugherty, Hubert
A00323 	Daugherty, James Stanley
A00324 	Daugherty, Kathryn
A00325 	Daugherty, Marci
A03185 	Davenport, Diana
A03483 	Davey, John
A00326 	Davidsmeyer, Jo
A03664 	Davidson, Anne
A00327 	Davidson, Howard L.
A03874 	Davidson, Tom
A03412 	Davies, Phil
A02045 	Davies, Stephen
A01720 	Davis, Bonnie D.
A01553 	Davis, Clifton
A00328 	Davis, Joe
A03853 	Davis, Leta
A00329 	Davis, Maureen
A04011 	Davis, Pamela
A00330 	Davis, Randy
A00331 	Davis, Rob
A02741 	Davis, Robin
C04013 	Davis-Floyd, Alex
C04012 	Davis-Floyd, Nathan
A02994 	Davison, Genevieve
A02993 	Davison, Jaque D
S00332 	Day, John
A00333 	Day, Joy
A00334 	Dazzo, Genny
S00809 	de Castellvi, Jaime M
A00335 	de Guardiola, Susan
A02420 	De La Rosa, Al
A00336 	de Longpre, John
A01527 	de Longpre, John, Guest of
A03962 	de Orive, A. Armand
A01865 	Dean, Carol
A01866 	Dean, Cleon
S00337 	DeBard, Mark L.
A02724 	DeCarufel, Shirley
A02723 	DeCarufel, Steve
A00338 	Decker, LouEllen
A01600 	DeGolyer, Edith
A02097 	DeGolyer, Edith, Guest of
A01924 	Dela Cruz, Dawne
A03695 	Delaney, Joseph
A00339 	Delaplace, Barbara
A00340 	DeLaurentis, Linda
A03356 	Dellamonica, Alyx
A03528 	Delorenzo, Margaret
C03429 	DeMarco, Timmy
A00341 	DeMarco, Tom
A01644 	Demetri, Pat
A03972 	Demourkas, Marie
S00342 	Deneroff, Linda
A02030 	Denkbeim, Jay
A00343 	Dennett, Gay Ellen
A03834 	Denning, Scott
A01987 	Denninger, Karl
A02998 	Dennis, Anna
A03894 	Dennis, Diana
A03893 	Dennis, Duanne
A00344 	Dennis, Jane
A00345 	Dennis, Scott C.
A02927 	Denton, Barbara
A02825 	Denton, Bradley
A02615 	Denton, Dale
A01618 	Denton, Gary
A02360 	DePrez, Robert
A04235 	Derby, Moira
A01970 	Dern, Daniel P.
A02202 	DeRubeis, David
A02326 	Desai, Apurva
A01834 	Desjardins, Steven
A04206 	Deskins, Carol
A04207 	Deskins, Ron
A00346 	Detry, James
A00348 	Deutsch, Martin E.
A01914 	DeVaughan, William
A02702 	Deveneau, Lois
S03017 	DeVore, Jeanne
A00349 	DeVoy, John
A03318 	DeWeerot, Peter
A00350 	Diaz, Brian
A04070 	Dibona, Joyce A.
A03378 	DiChario, Josephine
A03377 	DiChario, Nicholas F.
A03379 	DiChario, Nick
A02991 	Dick, Karla
A01385 	Dick, Steven V
A02850 	Dickens, Dr. Charles
A02346 	Dickerson, Sharon
A00352 	Dickinson, Cynthia
A02761 	Diersing, Sandra
A03671 	Dieter, Diane Kristine
A00353 	Dietz, Ann
A03578 	Dietz, Chris
A00354 	Dietz, Frank
A00355 	Dietz, Loren
A03579 	Dietz, William
A03397 	DiFate, Vincent
S00356 	Digby, Tom
A00357 	Diggs, Patricia A.
A03776 	Dilbeck, Marion
A03777 	Dilbeck, Paula
A04083 	Dillman, Enricka
S00030 	DiMaggio, Joe
A00358 	DiMasi, Jan
A00359 	DiMasi, Nicholas J.
A00360 	Ding, Carolyn S.
S00361 	Ding, Carolyn S., Guest of
A03015 	Diver, Lucienne
A02191 	Dixon, Chad
S03458 	Dixon, Douglas
A03440 	Dobson, Robert
A00363 	Docherty, Vincent
A02661 	Dodds, Bill
S00364 	Doering, David
S00365 	Doering, Keri Lyn
A01780 	Doherty, Tanya
A00366 	Doherty, Tom
A01781 	Doherty, Tom, Guest of
A03392 	Dolenac, Paul G
A02868 	Domitz, Dorothy
C03912 	Domitz, Emily
A00367 	Domitz, Laura
A02867 	Domitz, Robert
C03913 	Domitz, William
A00368 	Doms, Carol
A02625 	Doms, Dennis
A03052 	Donahue, Chris
A03050 	Donahue, Linda
A01882 	Donahue, Sharon
A02433 	Donewitz, Ira
A02874 	Donigan, John F.
A00369 	Donovan, Ann
A03031 	Doolittle, Bev
A03030 	Doolittle, James
A03032 	Doolittle, Jayson
A02371 	Dopson, Clif
A00370 	Dormer, Paul
A00371 	Doroschenko, Leo
A03830 	Doss, Stacy
A00372 	Doty, Michelle
A02435 	Dougherty, Greg
A01639 	Dougherty, Robert
A03941 	Douglas, Andra
A02076 	Douglas, Carole Nelson
A00373 	Douglas, John R.
A00374 	Douglas, L. Warren
A03942 	Douglas, Thackery
A00375 	Douglass, Cheri
A00376 	Douglass, John
A03839 	Dow, Diann
A03960 	Dow, Jack M
A03840 	Dow, Steve
A00377 	Dowler, Frank
A00378 	Downs, Bill
A01735 	Doyle, Frances
A04094 	Doyle, Margaret
A04095 	Doyle, Martha
A00380 	Dozois, Gardner
A02892 	Drabin, S.
A03948 	Drabin, S., Guest of
A03380 	Drake, Kim
S03069 	Drapeau, Donna
A01141 	Dravecky, Ed
A01972 	Drawdy, Michael
A01761 	Drexler, Marc A.
A00381 	Drummond, Doug
A01523 	Drysdale, David Kennedy
A02592 	Du Marn, Eric
A00011 	Duarte, Fred
S00382 	Duarte, Matthew F. M.
A00383 	Duck, Darien
A00384 	Duff, John
A00385 	Duff, Lynn E.
A03518 	Duffy, Jonny
A02434 	Dumas, John
S02432 	Dumitru, Don
A04295 	Duncan, Andrew
S00386 	Duncan, Kyle
A00389 	Dunham, Thomas
A02350 	Dunlap, Diane
A03876 	Dunn, Clio
A03611 	Dunn, Cyndi
A03981 	Dunn, Dawn
A04305 	Dunn, Greg
A03251 	Dunn, Jr
A00387 	Dunn, Linda J.
A03610 	Dunn, Wes
A03398 	Dunning, Lee
A03980 	Duquette, Terry
A02714 	Duray, Louis
A03822 	Durfee, Brian
A00388 	Durgin, Nancy A.
A03454 	Durocher, Bruce
A03347 	Duval, Dan
A00390 	Dyar, Allyson M. W.
A00391 	Dyar, Dafydd Neal
A00392 	Dyer, Andrew R.
A03569 	Dyer, Lisa N.
A03460 	Dyson, Andy
A02000 	Dyson, Marianne J.
A02003 	Dyson, Ted
A00393 	Dziadosz, Christine J.

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