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LoneStarCon2 · The 55th World Science Fiction Convention · Monday, September 1, 1997

Sunday Night's Parties

Scott Bobo and Kurt Baty

Issue Nine

Thanks Y'all

Sunday Night's Parties

Fashion Notes: Best Hat

Pretty Confused, After All These Years

Art, People and Chili

All Knowledge Hypothesis Founders
in Subterranean Investigation

Why Domino?

WSFS Business Completed Saturday

Remembering the Alamo in SF


We started in a tropical mood at ConCancun's 2002 bid party. Scott filled up on their homemade sangria; Teddy Harvia, host who was greeting fans with stickers at the door, complained to Kurt that "those pirates at Bucconeer stole our stickers!" Kurt replied, "If they show up with cutlasses at your door and demand sangria, don't get in their way!" We beat a hasty retreat to visit with our friends hosting Mpls in '73. Scott was agog at the Texas-size 1973 chocolate pennies scattered on a table. (Kurt noticed they were 1973S­San Francisco Mint.)

So we stopped by San Francisco to see if they had any spare change and to check our fortunes from their cookie jar. Leaving the love beads behind, we hiked over to the Seattle portion of the hall to sample again their Pangalactic Gargle Blaster (this stuff was as green as the Emerald City!) and chat with host Richard Wright.

By this time, we had enough fortitude (and alcohol, by Scott's reckoning) to embark on a Bucconeer and Fenzance odyssey with those gracious pirates hosting the Bucconeer party. They still had the spirit so amply displayed during their bid parties (fond memories). In fact, Nina Siros, in a fit of fannish passion, threw herself at the Captain Morgan life size cutout figure. The party spirit was particularly evidenced when Scott inadvertently cut to the front of the drink line, not realizing that EVERYONE in the room was in line for a drink. We were blissfully ignorant of the assorted good-natured growls and "aarrrrghs" that followed us out the door.

We obtained a new "thank you" sticker from our Chicago friends who were putting on yet another fine party. We've enjoyed your hospitality, gang, and look forward to an exciting WorldCon in 2000.

Bucconeer broadsided Sunday's party line-up, pirating away with Sunday's Party of the Night honors. We're already hoarding our doubloons for next year's WorldCon in Baltimore. And crab cakes; we're looking forward to great crab cakes. Speaking of seafood, we unanimously agree that the Seattle fans prepared the best chili we sampled during the Con. Good job, guys. We can't wait to see what you come up with next year....

Finally, the moment you've awaited and eagerly wondered about throughout the convention (you have been anxiously waiting for this moment, right?). So without further ado, we hereby and herewith convey with all rights, honors and privileges accorded thereto, the Party of the Con Award to¬you've probably guessed since their hard work and dedication to the art of hosting a WorldCon party was evidenced throughout the run of the Con¬our fannish friends from Boston in 2001. Good work, gang!

So as we ride off into the sunset, we wish y'all happy trails to Baltimore next year.

Elvis Sighting at the Marriott Riverwalk

Toni Steger

The room parties may have been at the Marriott Rivercenter but the real party was at the Marriott Riverwalk at Radio Free Oz's "Elvis Ate My Buick" Dance. The music ranged from old favorites such as "Love Shack" to techno "Sesame Street." Dancing fun was had by all until 3 AM and we all have the sore feet this morning to prove it.

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