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LoneStarCon2 · The 55th World Science Fiction Convention · Sunday, August 31, 1997

Roy Tackett Roast

Bob Webber

Issue Six

Sunday Comics

Comic Strip by Sherlock

ST-AN by Joe Mayhew

Murphy Robinson, Q.I. by Kurt Erichsen

Program Changes -- Sunday

More Awards: Golden Duck and Sidewise

Talking Like a Trufan


Roy Tackett Roast


Friday afternoon a group of 30 or so old and brand new friends got together to try to roast our fan GoH, "Horrible Old Roy Tackett" (HORT). The roast should have provided grounds for conversation at the subsequent Kaffeeklatsch, but the roasting process was not entirely successful: almost no one could find a HORT attribute more horrible than driving legally and being a BNF.

Roy's oldest and nearest tried hard to come up with stories of scurrility and meanness, but repeatedly failed to hit the mark: even the HORT-awarded Green Slime awards never targeted the innocent, and the rambling, punning jokes his friends made him the butt of ("The sheep lies!" Richard Brandt; "Charged with transporting gulls over staid lions for immoral porpoises"--Art Widner) were more horrid than any true reports about Roy Tackett.

Roy is horribly hard to roast, but wonderfully easy to like. In spite of some astoundingly difficult times in his life, as a U.S. Marine on Guadalcanal ("I just imagined that I was the hero of an sf magazine serial, so I knew I had to survive for next month's episode."), the victim of a car theft at Amigocon, and in the face of recent medical emergencies (including three strokes last year), Roy Tackett has managed to do as he advises us, "You always have to keep your sense of humor."

For a better view of the life, times, and opinions of Roy Tackett, a remarkable fan whom we honor at LSC2, pick up a copy of The Least Horrible of Roy Tackett in the Fanzine Lounge (CC-101A) for $10.

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