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LoneStarCon2 · The 55th World Science Fiction Convention · Sunday, August 31, 1997


Issue Six

Sunday Comics

Comic Strip by Sherlock

ST-AN by Joe Mayhew

Murphy Robinson, Q.I. by Kurt Erichsen

Program Changes -- Sunday

More Awards: Golden Duck and Sidewise

Talking Like a Trufan


Roy Tackett Roast


Ye Olde Masquerade Photos

If you signed up for the Masquerade Photo Area, show up at the bank of pay phones across from ballroom Salon I ["eye"] between 6:00 and 6:30 PM on Sunday to get your sticker.

If you do not pick up your sticker by 6:30 PM you will not be permitted in the Photo Area. Your place will be given to the people on the Alternate list.

We expect to have two stations of Available Light which will be Daylight Balanced. Due to space considerations, we will not be having a Flash Area.

Saturday WSFS Business Meeting

Robt Sacks

Business to be taken up Sunday:

  • Report of site selection; presentation by winners.
  • Report on Resolutions and Rulings of Continuing Effect, and additional reference to report on the Customs and Usages of WSFS.
  • Written Reports: the Mark Protection Committee.
  • Written Financial Report: MagiCon.
  • New Constitutional Amendments (5 min. each): Rewriting the Hugo provisions, Rewriting Site Selection Eligibility, Rewriting Powers of the Business Meeting, Changing Best Related Book to Best Related Work.
  • Establishing a committee to review the non-fiction/related book/related work Hugo.
  • Question Time: Bucconeer and Aussiecon Three.
  • Presentations by Boston and Philadelphia in 2001 bidders (time available)

Run a WorldCon (Ask Me How)

Ross Pavlac has published the 166 page 1997 edition of The WorldCon Runners' Guide. Copies are available from him in person at the con for $15, or by mail (PO Box 816, Evanston, IL 60204-0816) for $18.

Site Selection Cliff-Hanger Continues

Official site selection voting results are embargoed until the business meeting at 10:30 on Sunday. However, scrawlings on a sticky Shiner Bock label slid under the door of our newsroom indicate a tie -- between Highmore and Minneapolis. Whether it's for the WorldCon or the NASFiC we cannot tell.

4820 Fans from All Over the World --Howdy!

Registration maven John Lorenz provided the following information late Saturday: Number of people at the con: 3937. One-day memberships sold today: 381. Total one- or two-day memberships: 538. Total full attending memberships sold: 4820.

jms@b5fc 13:30 97.08.31

Joe Straczynski will be at the Babylon 5 Fan Club booth at 1:30 PM Sunday for autographs.

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