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LoneStarCon2 · The 55th World Science Fiction Convention · Sunday, August 31, 1997

Program Changes -- Sunday

Issue Six

Sunday Comics

Comic Strip by Sherlock

ST-AN by Joe Mayhew

Murphy Robinson, Q.I. by Kurt Erichsen

Program Changes -- Sunday

More Awards: Golden Duck and Sidewise

Talking Like a Trufan


Roy Tackett Roast

10 AM CC-River B History of the Soviet Space Program
11 AM CC-104 Sime-Gen Gathering
Noon CC-104 Tarot Workshop
1 PM CC-105 Prometheus Awards
1:30 PM CC Babylon 5 booth Straczynski autographs
2 PM CC-105 Golden Duck Awards (see below)
2 PM CC-209 Kids Art Class Drawing (moved)
3 PM CC-105 Mr. Destruction
4 PM CC-105 Physics & Starship Tech
4 PM CC-210 Philip K. Dick: Life and Works
5 PM CC-210 A discussion on PKD
5 PM CC-105 KT Boundary Room
5 PM MRW-Milam Andrew Duncan Reading
5 PM CC-104 Long Live the Legion-the Party Continues
6 PM MRW-Milam Paul Pence Reading
Monday: Betsy Mitchell Autographing (deleted)
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