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LoneStarCon2 · The 55th World Science Fiction Convention · Friday, August 29, 1997

el Fanac

Issue Three

el Fanac

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Secret Fannish Recognition Strikes Again!

Sarah E. Goodman

So there you are (okay, so there I was) standing in the airport waiting for your flight to board, looking around and wham!, you realize other people on your flight must be fans. How can you tell? Well, the fannish T-shirts are a dead giveaway, but not everybody's wearing one. with some it's the SF/F paperback pulled out as soon as a wait seems imminent. Fellow costumers I recognize by the fuzzy little fabric bits and the dazed, what-do-you-mean-sleep-I-have-a-costume-to-complete look. But not me. I was innocently standing there, not fannishly garbed, completely (for once) fuzz- and book-free; so how come a bunch of fans walked up to me, took one look and said, "WorldCon?"

I want to know why. Maybe pheromones...?

Medical Advice

Illustration by Kurt Erichsen for LSC2Drink lots of water--in this weather it's easy to get dehydrated, which can be a very serious medical problem. Also remember that caffeinated and alcoholic beverages can dehydrate you: a net loss of fluid. For every coke or beer you drink, have a glass of water as well.

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