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LoneStarCon2 · The 55th World Science Fiction Convention · Friday, August 29, 1997

Other Announcements

Issue Three

el Fanac

Friday's Parties

Thursday's Parties Reviewed

Program Announcements

Other Announcements


Chase the Paper Trail, Pardner!

We recommend the work of the Paper Chase copyshop, within hiking distance (0.6 mile), at 425 N.St.Mary's St. near Pecan. For big jobs the shop will pick up and deliver. Call 229-9223 for more information. Sales Manager David Dick has been a great help--we love him to death!

Shalom, Y'all!

Janice Gelb

Jewish Sabbath services will be held on Friday at 7 PM and Saturday at 9 AM, in the Rivercenter, Conference Room 11 (third floor).

Yalow Backs 2 & 5 Rule

According to top SMOF Ben Yalow, the food court in the Rivercenter Mall will stay open until 2:30 AM, and the coffee shop in the Marriott Rivercenter will run 24 hours, but only if we do enough business. Ben is throwing his weight behind a modified interpretation of the 2 & 5 rule: "Get two hours of sleep and eat five meals a day, as long as you eat them after two in the morning in the Rivercenter coffee shop." After a late-night publishing session, our newszine fact checkers descended upon the restaurant and verified that the food there is indeed excellent. Ask for the tortilla soup.

Fire and Ice

The newszine has been informed that the $1.00 a pound rate for ice is actually the hotel's cost. Yikes! The Marriott Rivercenter has a truckful down at the loading dock, and they've set up an ice hotline at extension 6101 for you to call.

Bridge Publications Sponsors Event

Bridge Publications and the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest are sponsoring a panel discussion on how to launch a writing career. Speakers will include contest judges Algis Budrys, Fred Pohl, and Tim Powers. (Friday, 4 PM, CC--VIP).

On Your Mark

Robt Sacks

Twelve of the fourteen voting members of the WSFS Mark Protection Committee were in attendance at the brief meeting on Thursday.

The Committee authorized another $100 to register the domain "hugo.org" if it is available. Don Eastlake will investigate the cost of trademark watches, and report on it at a second meeting later this weekend. Randall Shepherd will investigate legally protecting the shape of the Hugo Award and report next year. Mark registration is in process in Canada and Australia. The Continental Science Fiction Association sent a letter asking to initiate negotiations to obtain the NASFiC mark from WSFS. The Chair ruled the matter outside the Committee's powers; it will be reported to the WSFS Business Meeting. The Committee has an account balance of approximately $1400.

The next Mark Committee meeting will be held after the final adjournment of the WSFS Business Meeting, at the earliest possible time on Sunday or Monday (11 AM or noon, either day, and at least 15 minutes after the final adjournment). Officers will be elected. The current Chair will not be standing for reelection; the Secretary and Treasurer will. Dick Smith has indicated his willingness to serve as Chair.

The Dead Pirate's Ketch

Tonight there's parties
Large and small
But for now we follow
Treasure's call!

Bucconeer would like to thank Gail E. Mathews-Bailey for her donation of the ceramic pirate skeleton. Stop by the Bucconeer table and have a look! While you're there, pick up a Treasure Map and join our Treasure Hunt. You too can get a pirate ribbon and a chance in our prize drawings if you complete the hunt! Prizes include dinner certificates from La Fogata, Schilo's Delicatessen, Rio Rio Cantina on the Riverwalk and County Line Barbecue. Join the fun! B.A. Pirate says:

I am the Pirate King
Where can I go this evening
For some fun and frolicking?
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