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LoneStarCon2 · The 55th World Science Fiction Convention · Thursday, August 28, 1997

Review: Bob's Smokehouse

Moshe Feder

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Review: Bob's Smokehouse


It takes temerity for a New Yorker to claim to be a barbecue expert at a Texas WorldCon, but I've eaten more than my share, both on previous trips to Texas, and at the best place back home (where they use Texas methods), so I'm not a barbecue neo.

Now, I really do like the County Line chain, with its all-you-can-eat option and Hollywood-roadhouse decor; but Texas Monthly's recent article on the 50 best barbecue places in Texas led me to a joint that, as Le Guide Michelin would put it, is worth a detour.

It's easy to drive right past Bob's Smokehouse, even if you have the address. Of course, we were in a buttoned-up compact rental with the a/c blasting. If we'd had the windows open we'd have found it even if we hadn't known it exists.

Bob's has three locations, the founding one can best be described as a shack. The food can best be described as superb, the decor as plain, the staff as friendly and the prices as low. Quoting Texas Monthly: "Bob's mesquite-smokes a little of everything (including lamb ribs [*yum* - MF]), but specializes in hulking beef ribs and beef sausage so well cooked that it crumbles out of its casing. The thickish sauce has a slight afterburn." My brunch group of four fans tasted the lamb, the chicken, the brisket sandwich, the beef ribs and the sausage. Everyone was very pleased. Those who for reasons known only to them prefer other kinds of food can consider the enchiladas ("heavy on the chili," says Bob's), fried oysters and shrimp available at a separate counter.

The original Bob's Smokehouse is about a ten-minute drive from the con. Take Interstate 37 south to to Interstate 10, and then take 10 east to the Roland Ave. exit. The address is 3306 Roland (corner of Roland, Rigsby and Amanda). Open daily, cash only, BYOB if you want beer with your barbecue, phone 210-333-9338 if you're worried that we've emptied their pits. Seats about 30, but you can always do takeout. The other two locations are at 5145 S. St. Mary's Place (210-344-8401) and at 5145 Fredericksburg Road. Happy Eating!

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