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LoneStarCon2 · The 55th World Science Fiction Convention · Saturday, August 30, 1997

Restaurant Reviews

Issue Four

Parties -- Saturday

Restaurant Reviews

Friday's Parties Reviewed

Chesley Awards

Short Story Contest Winner

Program Changes & Announcements


A Word to Restaurant Diners
(three words, actually)

  1. There's a very large, all-day music concert going on in the nearby Alamodome today, culminating in a performance by George Strait this evening. Diners and drivers should be aware that it'll get very crowded in San Antonio tonight. We suggest that dinner expeditions whether large or small be prepared to go either early or late.
  2. Some local restaurants have very early closing times (even 4 PM!), and not all listings in the pocket program book give hours. Before committing to a long walk, check with the establisment first. As a rule, dining is an early affair in San Antonio. Do not expect all restaurants to be open after midnight, though there are exceptions. Many may be closed on Sunday, as well.
  3. As Ben Yalow suggested in the immortal pages of Issue 3, the food court in the Rivercenter Mall will stay open until 2:30 AM, and the coffee shop in the Marriott Rivercenter will run 24 hours, but only if we do enough business. A word to the wise?

Animals Rave About Jailhouse Cafe

Ross Pavlac

AACES (the Avenging Aardvark's Chicago Eating Society) has hit town and highly recommends the Jailhouse Cafe (202 W. Commerce, 224-5001). It's too far to walk, but San Antonio cab prices are low and the ride is about $4. Jailhouse (named because it's across the street from the local hoosegow) specializes in chicken fried steak--if you like it or have never tried it, this is the place to get it! Their fajitas ($8.99 and $13.99) are wonderful; the large portion easily serves two. The menu contains a number of Southwest cuisine items aimed at casual dining. They even have chicken fried chicken.

Warning: portions here are HUGE and many can be shared. In particular, nothing human can eat an entire Police Chief Special ($11.99) in one sitting--the quantity of food defies des-cription. On the unlikely possibility that there is room for dessert, Jailhouse has cinnamon rolls the size of the average fan's head.

Beware! For those of you who have an option on your hotel television to show you local restaurants and such, the restaurant known as Big Buck's Barbecue no longer exists. It's under new ownership, and when AACES finally found the place (at about 6:30 PM), there were no customers in the place! This is a very bad sign for a Texas barbecue restaurant.

Good Bheer: Brew Pubs in San Antonio

Ed Rush

We've found the best brew pub in the Alamo city. (For those not imbrewed with this knowledge, those are establishments that make their bheer right on the premises.It's within walking distance, if you like invigorating walks. It's the Blue Star, at 1414 S. Alamo. Head for the Convention Center's far west side, turn left (south) on Alamo, and walk through several rustic blocks. It's on your left, with a small, oval, blue-and-white sign. If you find yourself staring at the Blue Star arts and crafts shops, you've gone a tiny skosh too far. Our international sampling party agreed that the bheers are excellent, the food is tasty but not really outstanding, and the service is prompt and very friendly.

On seeking far-flung restaurants seen from the riverboat

There's a tiny little map of downtown San Antonio at the back of your Pocket Program. Try consulting it periodically while on a riverboat tour so that, later on, you'll have an idea of where you were (besides on a riverboat).

Taxi Scam warning

There's a $3.00 basic charge to take a taxi anywhere downtown at night, but the taxi I took tried to charge me $4.00. Ask the concierge for the appropriate price. If a cab driver tries to overcharge you, get his taxi number and report him.

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