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The Second Occasional LoneStarCon Science Fiction Convention and Chili Cook-off, Variously known as the 55th World Science Fiction Convention and LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon, To be held from August 28th through September 1st, in the year 1997, in San Antonio, Texas.

LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon Science Fiction Convention: Dealers' Room Information Letter #3

by Steve Francis, LSC2 Dealers' Room Manager
July 31, 1997
This letter contains information that will be needed by dealers for last minute planning and arrival at the convention site in San Antonio. Accompanying this letter is a Dealers' Room diagram which has your assigned space marked in red. There is also a map of the area around the convention center and hotels which shows the location of the area to be used by dealers for unloading.
[ ] If the box at left is marked, my records indicate that you have not yet purchased your convention membership (unless you have done so very recently). Preregistration for the convention ended as of July 31, 1997. The at the door price of a membership will be $150.00. Please report to the convention registration area to purchase your membership before coming to the Dealers' Room loading dock. If you have purchased your membership in advance, you may claim your membership packet at the Dealers' room control desk located just inside the loading dock door nearest the inclined ramp. You may also claim membership packets for your assistants only if you listed them with me in advance. No more names can be accepted after this date as the list has already been sent to Austin for processing. Dealer ribbons will be provided to all dealers and their assistants. The ribbons will admit you to the room between 9AM and 10AM each day for daily setup. Please do not lose or leave your ribbon behind, as you will not be admitted to the room early without one. Valid identification will be required to claim membership packets. A progress report mailing label with your membership number on it is one acceptable form of identification. All membership packets not claimed will be returned, each evening after the room has closed, to the main registration area. They will be at the desk marked special handling or the equivalent.
[ ] If the box at the left is marked, we do not have a signed copy of the "WARRANTY OF ARTIST/DEALER AGREEMENT AS TO LIABILITY" disclaimer on file for you. Enclosed with this letter is a copy of the disclaimer, please sign it and return it to me at the address shown at the end of this letter. I will have blank copies of the disclaimer available at the desk. You will not be permitted to open for business until all of the required forms are on file.
When approaching San Antonio, refer to your atlas to determine the best way to get on southbound Interstate 37 just north of the downtown area. The exit ramp from southbound I-37 to Commerce Street is the best approach to the convention center.
  • Exit from I-37 southbound at Commerce Street (one-way to the west).
  • Turn right on to Commerce Street at the foot of the ramp.
  • Follow Commerce two blocks to Bowie. The two Marriotts are on either side of Commerce at Bowie.
  • Continue west on Commerce Street to South Alamo Street.
  • Turn left onto South Alamo Street (around the small triangular island in the intersection).
  • Go south on South Alamo Street just past the convention center building.
  • Turn left into the loading dock area behind the convention center. There are signs on either side of the entrance that are marked "Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center Deliveries and Loading Dock".
  • The row of dock doors on your left lead directly into the Dealers' Room.

Dealers' Room unloading hours will be from 8AM to 8PM on Wednesday, August 27th and from 8AM to 12 Noon on Thursday, August 28th. Unloading will continue as necessary after the room is opened for business. There will be NO fee charged for the use of the loading dock area.
You may park in the loading dock area as instructed by the loading dock staff except at the foot of the inclined ramp at the leftmost roll-up door. This will be the only access into the Dealers' Room for the fork truck. There is a very limited amount of space in the loading dock area. It is to be used only for unloading, not as a parking lot. All dealers must remove their vehicles immediately after unloading. Do not leave your vehicle in the area while unpacking your merchandise. If, in the judgment of the loading dock manager, vehicles are left in the loading dock area for an excessive amount of time, and if the owner refuses to remove the vehicle when asked, the vehicle will be towed away at the owners' expense.
A fork truck and driver and pallets will be provided during the unloading hours listed above. The fork truck will not be available after the room is opened for business at 12 Noon, Thursday. All aisles must be clear of all pallets and boxes when the room opens for business. When you are completely unloaded, the fork truck driver will take your pallet to your space in the room. Please return the pallet to the loading dock as soon as you have removed your merchandise from it so others may use it.
If you choose to hand carry or use your own two or four-wheel hand truck to move your merchandise into the room, you may do so in several ways. When using the loading dock, back your vehicle into the loading dock and stack your merchandise on the dock. Remove your vehicle from the area, then move the merchandise to your space in the room. Merchandise may also be brought in through any of the entrances to the room by hand carrying or hand truck. If you enter through the Arcade at the east end of the hall, you will be passing through the Exhibits area. Please keep to the main center aisle, as this area will still be under construction. The convention will not provide hand trucks, so be prepared to bring your own. Parking on the street is at your own risk.
If there is a line of dealers waiting to unload at 8PM on Wednesday, only those dealers who are already in line at 8PM will be permitted to unload. No new dealers will be admitted to the unloading area after 8PM. Unloading will resume at 8AM on Thursday.
Electrical drops may be purchased when your arrive at the convention center, however there will be a 25% surcharge added to the price for on site orders. Please order the drop with enough wattage capacity to suit your needs. The electrical contractor will be checking actual power consumption and has the authority to fine persons who are using more power than they contracted for. Each table will be provided with a table top covering and two chairs. The tables will not be skirted, nor will cloth merchandise covers be provided. However, plastic table top covering material will be available upon request to dealers who want to skirt their own tables or use it for merchandise covers. Please plan to bring your own merchandise covers if the plastic covering material is not suitable.
Do not leave important items in the room when you leave at closing time. The guards will have explicit instructions to admit no one during closed hours. This is especially true for valuables, eyeglasses and medications.
After the room opens for business on Thursday, the control desk will be moved to tables just outside of the Dealers' Room behind booth 1006 on the left side of the main aisle as you approach the Dealers' Room from Exhibits. The Fire Marshall will be present on Thursday at 12 Noon for our opening. He will look at aisle blockages, covered fire extinguishers, and blocked fire host cabinets. The room will not be opened for business until all such conditions are corrected. Empty boxes may be placed under your table(s) or stacked neatly in the areas outside of and between the loading dock doors. Please mark your boxes for later retrieval. If possible, it is suggested that you pack your merchandise in boxes of varying sizes so that you can nest several empty boxes together for storage. Pre-shipment of merchandise to San Antonio is fully the responsibility of each individual dealer.
The room will open at 9AM each day for dealer set up. Only dealers and their assistants (with ribbons) will be admitted between 9AM and 10AM. The room will close for business each day at 6PM (except Monday).
The room will close on Monday at 3PM sharp. Please cease all business at that time and begin packing up for move out. The Dealers' Room and security staff will leave the area no later than 10PM. Dealers may pack up and leave before 3PM on Monday. We ask that you notify us if you plan to leave early. The fork truck will not be available before 3PM for early move out. However, you can obtain a pallet and begin packing at any time you choose. All aisles must be kept clear of boxes, merchandise, and pallets until the official closing time of 3PM. Please do not move your vehicle into the loading dock area until your merchandise is packed and ready for leading into your vehicle. The dealers ribbons will allow you access to the room during teardown so that dealers and their assistants may pack undisturbed.
We must again emphasize that neither the convention nor the committee, either as individuals or as a group, can be held responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged merchandise while on convention property or while being transported to or from the convention. Nor can the convention be held responsible for any consequences arising from the display or sale of copyrighted or illegally obtained merchandise.
I realize that this is a great deal of information at the last minute before the convention, but it is being put forth to provide dealers the information they will need to make their trip to and stay in San Antonio as easy as possible. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact me.
Steve Francis
LoneStarCon 2 Dealers' Room Manager
5503 Matterhorn Drive
Louisville, KY 40216-1326
Phone: (502) 448-6562 Between 7PM and 11PM EDT
E-Mail: sjf1138@aol.com

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