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LoneStarCon2 · The 55th World Science Fiction Convention · Thursday, August 28, 1997

Weird Fannish Stuff and Fan Program

Priscilla Olson

Issue One



Volunteers Needed!

Maitz Shirts Flying off the Rack

Everything I Needed to Know I Learned by Throwing a Party

Poets of the Caribbean

Masqurade Info

Special Interest Groups

Weird Fannish Stuff and Fan Program

Filk Programming

Weapons Policy

WSFS New Business Deadline Today

Here are the corrections that fix up the "Weird Fannish Stuff" which were left out (Legion, Zoo) or messed up (Trivia, Tackett Kaffeeklatsch). (All items in 101 unless noted otherwise.)

Some changes move things within room 101 to make space and fix a timing problem.

  • Add "Long Live the Legion!-a Legion of Super Heroes Get-Together" (Sat. 16, cc104)
  • SF Trivia Bowl (Fri. 16, 101) (add Joe Siclari, Tim Illingworth if still left out)
  • Add "I Ran the Zoo Con" (2 hours) (Sun. 14, 101): Move "Electronic Publishing"!!! to a larger space (may shift it by an hour or so, if necessary) (if that really can't be done, move Zoo to 104, or keep at 1 hour in 101????)
  • Add Tackett KK (Fri. 15, in 101) (If un-doable, leave "Hugo Fanzines" where it is-see below)
  • Deconstructing (Thurs. 15 to Mon. 11) This program item is designed to happen at the end of the convention.
  • Hugo Fanzines (Fri. 15 to Thurs. 15) (but see Tackett KK above)
  • Gafiation (Sun. 14 to Mon. 13)

People's schedules will need fixing too.

(Note: I checked all people whose program items are moved: there are no visible conflicts.)

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