LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon

LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon: Internet Information Center [email to LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon]
The Second Occasional LoneStarCon Science Fiction Convention and Chili Cook-off, Variously known as the 55th World Science Fiction Convention and LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon, To be held from August 28th through September 1st, in the year 1997, in San Antonio, Texas.

LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon: Weird Fannish Stuff, by Priscilla Olson

Were the department which gets to help YOU do some of the interesting and fun things which dont fit in anywhere else. How about contests, such as treasure or scavenger hunts, punfests or storytelling competitions? Games (charades, musical chairs, fannish olympics?), crafts for adults (paper doll masquerade, origami, murals?), egg drops, bridge building.... etc.
Any of these sound fun? Make it happen! Were busy gathering ideas from people who have a good plan, but want some help from LoneStarCon to make it work.
What sorts of ideas? See above! Were already planning a Trivia Contest, and a game of "If I Ran the Z/o/o Con." We hope to sponsor a Great APA Twinkie Toss. We want to work with you to do even more.
So, what can we do for you? If you tell us what youd like to do, we can help you by perhaps helping you get your idea organized, publicizing it, finding you space, getting you some materials, and maybe even getting other people to help you out!
If you have an idea, or what to do something and would like some help, send me email at polson@mlolson.tiac.net.
Trivia Contest
Are you trivial? Do you know all the gory details of who, what, when and where in the Heinlein juveniles? Are you an expert on 30s pulp fiction? Do you know who played the monster in every SF movie ever made? Can you name five SF stories whose titles are numbers? Do you like watching people make fools of themselves shouting out answers to obscure questions? Then the LSC2 Trivial Contest is for you!
The Trivia Contest will run 1-2 hours, with Trivia Masters Mark Olson, Joe Siclari and Tim Illingworth. Were using the shout-out-the-answer style, and tossing chocolates to the first person to get it right. The winner of the title Miss Triviality for LoneStarCon 2 will be whoever has the most chocolates at the end.
Do you have questions? Bring them along, and take a turn asking questions rather than just answering them.
Disclaimer: A clever, wrong answer is always preferred to a dull, right answer, but the Management reserves the right to penalize smartasses....

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