LoneStarCon 2 Press Questionnaire

To learn more about what you need to effectively cover LoneStarCon 2, we've created a brief press survey. Please take a minute to complete and submit this survey.

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Do you plan to attend LoneStarCon 2?    Do you plan to cover LoneStarCon 2?
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Who will attend?
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Please note that only professional journalists assigned by their management to cover LoneStarCon 2 for general interest/news publications are eligible for free press passes. Free lance writers, photographers, Web site content creators, fan, semi-pro editors, or anyone with connections to fandom may receive press ribbons, press releases, and may use all the press relations resources that professional journalists may but they must purchase LoneStarCon 2 memberships.
Do you need press releases
before the con?
   At the con?
How do you want to receive
LoneStarCon 2 information?
Suggestions for improving
pre-con press relations
Suggestions for improving
at-con press relations
Any comments or questions?

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