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Note: Some of the information in this press release is outdated and is stored here for historical purposes only. Please see the latest press release for the most up-to-date information.

Date: July 1, 1997
     Contact: Laurie Mann (
LoneStarCon 2, PO Box 27277, Austin, TX 78755-2277
Local Contact: Wally Ross 210-601-5343

LoneStarCon 2 News

The 55th World Science Fiction Convention, LoneStarCon 2, will take place in San Antonio, Texas, from August 28-September 1, 1997. The Worldcon is the annual gathering of science fiction writers, artists, publishers and readers. LoneStarCon 2 will attract about 5,000 attendees from around the world and feature programming, an art show, dealers room, masquerade and the annual Hugo Awards.

The guests of honor for the 1997 Worldcon are authors Algis Budrys and Michael Moorcock, artist Don Maitz, fan Roy Tackett, and toastmaster, Neal Barrett, Jr. The guests will be giving speeches, signing autographs and participating on program items. Three books will be published for the convention: a collection of Algis Budrys' writings called Entertainment (NESFA Press), a book of Michael Moorcock's writings, Tales from the Texas Woods (Mojo Pres), and The Least Horrible of Roy Tackett (Richard Brandt, editor).

Opening Ceremonies and Meet the VIPs - Thursday, August 28, Marriott RiverCenter

While the Worldcon opens its exhibits, programming and dealers room at noon on Thursday, August 28 in the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center, the official Opening Ceremonies will take place at 7p.m. in the Grand Ballroom, Marriott RiverCenter Hotel. Opening Ceremonies will kick off the convention Texas-style with a quick draw artist, a trick roper and whip specialist, and a local cowboy singer.

Immediately following the Opening Ceremonies is the gala Meet-the VIPs party. Convention members will have the chance to meet or renew acquaintances with fans, writers and artists. Expected program participants include David Brin, Lois McMaster Bujold, Emma Bull, C. J. Cherryh, Hal Clement, Brenda W. Clough, Gardner Dozois, Harlan Ellison, David Feintuch, Michael F. Flynn, Frank Kelly Freas, Esther Friesner, David Gerrold, Steven Gould, Joe Haldeman, David Hartwell, K. W. Jeter, George R. R. Martin, Laura J. Mixon, Elizabeth Moon, Tim Powers, Terry Pratchett, Mike Resnick, Kim Stanley Robinson, Stanley Schmidt, Robert J. Sawyer, Will Shetterly, Robert Silverberg, Allen Steele, Bruce Sterling, Walter Jon Williams, Jack Williamson, Connie Willis, Gene Wolfe, and Janny Wurts.

A frequently-updated list of program participants is online.

Creator of Babylon 5, J. Michael Straczynski to Address LoneStarCon 2 - Saturday, August 30, Marriott RiverCenter

J. Michael Straczynski, a winner of the 1996 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation for his ground-breaking syndicated series Babylon 5, will give a presentation in the Grand Ballroom of the Marriott RiverCenter Hotel on Saturday, August 30 at noon. In addition to discussing the series, Straczynski will show some never-before-seen-footage from Babylon 5. Turner Network Television has renewed Babylon 5 for another season and will be making at least two movies based on the series universe.

1997 Hugo Award Ceremony - Saturday, August 30, Marriott RiverCenter

The final voting for the 1997 Hugo Awards, the science fiction achievement awards, is taking place now by LoneStarCon 2 members. Members who have lost their ballots may download them. The ballots must be printed, postmarked by July 31 and received by the Hugo administrators no later than August 4, 1997. Many of the nominated stories are available online.

The 1997 Hugo Award Ceremony, hosted by Neal Barrett, Jr., will take place on Saturday, August 30 at 8p.m. in the Grand Ballroom of the Marriott RiverCenter Hotel.

Masquerade - Sunday, August 31, Marriott RiverCenter

LoneStarCon 2's Masquerade will take place on Sunday, August 31 at 8p.m. in the Grand Ballroom of the Marriott RiverCenter Hotel. LoneStarCon 2 members who plan to participate in the Masquerade need to pre-register with the Masquerade by August 10. Send E-mail to Peggy Kennedy or FAX your requests to c/o Harwood at (503)-699-1719. If you need a set of rules, send your request to Peggy Kennedy, 62 Touchstone, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035 and include a SASE. The complete rules are available online.

The costumes will be judged by a panel of VIPs. During the judging, filk singer Heather Alexander will perform.

Programming - Convention Center

All daytime programming will take place in the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center beginning Thursday, August 28 at noon and running through Monday, Spetember 1. Hundreds of hours of programming on a huge array of topics are being planned. Some of these topics "Silicon Gulch: Texas Computer Game Companies," "The Future of Medicine," and "Alien Autopsy." Programming will also feature literary teas, autograph sessions, discussions with the authors of the current "Best Novel" Hugo nominees and various workshops for writers and artists. Special programming geared towards people who have never attended a science fiction convention before will be featured in the Fan Lounge.

Previews of some unreleased films will be shown, including Starship Troopers, Sphere, The Postman, Alien Resurection, Wes Craven's Wishmaster, Lost in Space, The Avengers, and Superman.

Exhibits - Convention Center

A wide array of exhibits, including an exhibit of Hugo Awards, photos from conventions past and many other items will be displayed at the Convention Center beginning at noon on Thursday, August 28. NASA is supplying some space-related exhibits, currently slated to include: Space Technology, Consumer Spinoffs, Food For Space, Exploring the Solar System, Space Station, a 1/15 scale model Rotating Space Shuttle, Space Suits, and the Apollo EMU Skylab.

Information - Convention Center

Another feature of our exhibit hall is the Information Booth. The booth will have all the up-to-the-minute information about the convention, events and San Antonio. You’ll be able to sign up for a late-night cruise down the river, a coffee with your favorite writers, or just pick up a daily newsletter.

Dealers Room - Convention Center

The Dealers Room has a few tables left for sale. For information about selling books or other items in the Dealers Room, send a SASE to Steve Francis, 5503 Matterhorn Drive, Louisville, KY 40216-1326. Interested dealers can call Steve at (502)-448-6562 (7p.m. - 11p.m. EDT).

Art Show - Convention Center

Limited space is still available in the Art Show. To receive information, send a long SASE with $0.55 in postage to Pegasus Management, Attn: Worldcon Art Show, PO Box 150471, Arlington, TX 76015-6471. Artists may E-mail or, or call 817-467-0681 for more information.

Exhibition and Auction of Coffeepots to Benefit the Real Musgrave Scholarship - Convention Center

Brad Foster is soliciting coffeepots and art about coffeepots for a unique display at LoneStarCon 2, the sale of which will be used to create the Real Musgrave Art Scholarship at Texas Tech University. Musgrave will be donating money and a painting to help launch the fund.

Science fiction artists are encouraged to help get involved with this project. Coffeepots can be historically accurate, wildly imaginative, a caveman coffeepot, a future coffeepot, a cartoon, a statue, or anything that strikes the artist's fancy. Interested artists can contact Brad Foster at PO Box 165246, Irving, TX 75016.

Babysitting - Marriott RiverCenter

Babysitting will be available in the Marriott RiverCenter, fifth floor. Children’s memberships include six free hours of babysitting. Children without memberships will be charged $5.00 an hour for babysitting.

Hotel Reservations

The Marriott RiverCenter and RiverWalk Hotels are filling up rapidly, so make your reservations now. Reservation forms were mailed to all LoneStarCon 2 members. Copies of the hotel form are available online. You can request that a hotel form be sent to you by writing to the LoneStarCon2 PO Box. Please do not call the hotels directly.

Chili Cookoff

The previously-announced CASI-sanctioned Chili Cookoff at La Villita has been canceled. An informal chili cookoff will take place in the Hospitality Suite, giving attendees samples of various inventive chilis.

Upcoming Progress Report

Progress Report 6 will be sent out in early August to all LoneStarCon 2 members.

Volunteers Needed!

The Worldcon is one of the largest annual events in America to run almost exclusively on volunteer labor. Worldcons always need more volunteers. To help LoneStarCon 2, write to Volunteers c/o the LoneStarCon 2 box.

Membership Information

LoneStarCon 2 is open to the public. These membership rates for are valid until July 31, 1997:

Attending$135includes admission to all events and exhibits, voting rights and all publications
Supporting$25includes voting rights and all publications
Children, 3-12$40includes admission to all events and exhibits, and up to six hours of babysitting

Full convention and day rates will be available at the door. Daily rates at the door will be $30 per person for Thursday or Monday and $50 per person for Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Registration will open on Wednesday afternoon in the Gallery of the Convention Center. VISA, Discover, American Express and MasterCard will be accepted in addition to checks (picture ID required).

Press Information

The Press Office will run in room 108 of the Convention Center. It will be open the following hours:

Thursday, August 2811a.m. - 6p.m.
Friday, August 2910a.m. - 6p.m.
Saturday, August 3010a.m. - 6p.m.
Sunday, August 3110a.m. - 6p.m.
Monday, September 110a.m. - 3p.m.

There will be press representatives at all Events in the Grand Ballroom of the Marriott RiverCenter Hotel to answer any questions you might have.

During the week of the convention, the Press Office phone number, available 10a.m. - 9p.m., is 210-601-5343.

Press credentials will be extended to professional journalists and photographers who have been assigned to cover LoneStarCon 2 for professional newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations and new media outlets. Due to the large number of free-lance writers, semi-pro writers, fan writers, photographers, and Web developers in fandom, free press Worldcon memberships cannot be extended to individuals with ties to fandom. However, individuals who write for any publication, broadcast program or Internet site who would like press releases, press kits and assistance from the Press Relations staff are welcome to use the Press office.

Please complete the questionnaire, available online, if you or someone from your organization is planning to cover this year's Worldcon.

URLs of Interest

LoneStarCon 2 Internet Information Center
San Antonio
Marriott RiverCenter
Marriott RiverWalk
World Science Fiction Society

Ways of Reaching LoneStarCon 2

Address LoneStarCon 2, PO Box 27277, Austin, TX 78755-2277
Voice 512-472-9944
FAX 512-472-4290

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Latest News from LoneStarCon Press Release - 7/1/97