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The Second Occasional LoneStarCon Science Fiction Convention and Chili Cook-off, Variously known as the 55th World Science Fiction Convention and LoneStarCon 2, the 1997 Worldcon, To be held from August 28th through September 1st, in the year 1997, in San Antonio, Texas.

Moments in Texas Fan History: Texans Stranded in Baltimore 5 Days

Reprinted from LoneStarCon 2's Progress Report #1

Texans Stranded in Baltimore 5 Days
Eat Crabs To Survive!

by Carolyn Cooper

Reprinted from The Texas SF Inquirer, A publication of the Fandom Association of Central Texas, Pat Muller Editor -- Issue 6 / December 1983

In their ongoing mission to seek out new parties and new civilizations, numerous Austin-in-'85 supporters massed at the 43rd World Science Fiction Convention in Baltimore over Labor Day weekend. The convention was an educational experience. Among other things, the valiant group learned that there are no laundromats or grocery stores in Baltimore, preppies do exist, never trust Robert Taylor's attendance estimates, and never work on a Worldcon and a major bid at the same time. The entire convention learned that those Texans throw one helluva party!
Austin-in-'85 bid parties were held Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Friday's party, sponsored by Sven and Yvonne Knudson and dubbed "Return of the Othercon", drew approximately 1300-1500 people. That was the night after the elevator supposedly fell twelve floors. The Baltimore Hilton learned that three elevators per tower could not handle their maximum capacity situation. Especially when everyone wanted to get to the Austin party on the 27th floor! Everyone leaving the party raved about Sven and Yvonne's decorations, food, and door prizes. They sent more people. That was also the night Paul and I learned not to ask Baltimore fans for directions to a grocery store. It was also the night Robert Taylor kept saying that Saturday night would be easier.
By Saturday night, most people had figured out you went straight to the 27th floor and if you left the Austin party you walked down the stairs to the rest of the parties. Saturday's party was staffed by those merry folks from Fantasy Festival and Contex. Scuttlebutt, the Worldcon daily newszine, and Dana Siegel, the party correspondent, gave rave reviews to the SF Dating Program in the Austin suite. That was us. Attendance estimates for Saturday ran as high as 1800 people strolling through. By the way, please don't ask Martin Wagner what he learned about alcohol, propositioning women, and getting sick. It would embarrass him. At 5 am, most of Saturday's partiers had left. The rest helped prepare brunch for those heading to the business meeting. There were some wagers as to whether Willie Siros's eyes had any white left as he staggered to the meeting. They didn't. Robert Taylor assured everyone that Sunday night's crowd would be a lot smaller.
Sunday we learned that after the Hugo Ceremony and the Masquerade, everyone wants to party. And the Aussies canned their victory party. So fandom came to ours! (In case you didn't know, we won the bid and will hold the 1985 NASFiC.) A reliable source estimated the Sunday attendance at 3000. That's over half the convention, folks.
One fan became so confused by the crowds he thought he was still on one of the elevators and kept asking if they'd reached the top floor yet! The Detroit and Phoenix people saved the day by graciously sending their remaining party supplies up to us. Thanks, we appreciated it. Pat Mueller supervised this seething crush of fandom which was forcibly dissolved at 2 am. But, lest you forget, the shuttle landed on Labor Day morning. We learned how quickly a shuttle return party could be formed. At this point several people knew everything there was to know about sleep deprivation.
Other things learned were how not to club a crab (ask Dandy Hunt), Western hats are highly visible (especially on so many tall Texans), there are a lot of nice Northeastern fans (thanks again, Hawkeye!), never let them put you on the Worldcon standing committee ballot unless you really want to be on the standing committee (right Willie?), and little Armadillos are extremely popular even if people don't know what they are (those crazy FACT people want how many for 1985?!). Now we had to start getting ready to check out of the hotel. Scott Cupp was found still behind the bar muttering, "I'm sorry we're out. I'm sorry we're out." It took some time before he understood we were letting him go home, even after we unshackled his leg irons. As Robert Taylor turned to leave, he informed us that the NASFiC attendance would be a lot smaller than the Worldcon.
 -- Carolyn Cooper

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